Video: 3 Songs Preview – Rytmik Ultimate

Video description:

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Video published by CINEMAX GAMES.

Rytmik Ultimate on the app store:

10 apps that have changed mobile music

Following the theme of ten things for ten years I thought I might list out ten apps that I feel have really changed the mobile music landscape. This isn’t an easy thing to do and I’m guessing that whatever ten apps I choose will almost certainly mean that someone is going to tell me that either I’ve missed one or more ground breaking apps, or that the ones I’ve chosen shouldn’t be categorised as such. Even so, I think I’ll give it a go.

So expect some of these popping up over the rest of the month.

Video: Pocket Operator Robot Review – haQ attaQ 147

Video description:

“I’ve had these little things for over a month and it is time I start reviewing them. First up is the Teenage Engineering PO-28 Robot!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Back in 2009: No Bhajis coming to your iPhone

At the time I think a lot of people expected Bhajis to come to the iPhone, but after this I think it finally put the idea to bed.

It was a shame, but almost inevitable.

Back in 2009: Little Boots on TV with a Tenori-on

This is a significant thing in my view. Seeing on TV playing a Tenori-on which is a mobile music making device, was just great.

Back in 2007: The original mobile music app directory!

This was my first attempt at trying to put together a whole list of mobile music apps. Of course now you couldn’t run it as a list anymore, but you could perhaps if it was limited to the older apps.

Back in 2007: MiJam Minis

To say that these were weird ideas would be a little bit of an understatement. I’ve never got hold of them, and I probably wouldn’t bother now,

Strange the directions people take with mobile music making stuff.

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