Music Tech Fest is in Berlin at the end of the month and you should think about going

I can’t believe that MTF has hit its 10th edition! That’s amazing. I could try and find some kind of correlation with PalmSounds being 10 years old but that’s probably a bit tenuous.

I wish I could be there in Berlin this year but sadly and for a whole host of reasons I can’t, and I bet it will be amazing and I’ll keep on hearing about just how amazing for a long time afterwards. However, even though I can’t go you should really consider it. If it’s anything like the last one I went to at the LSO there will be loads of really interesting people and new technologies to discover. Here’s everything you need to know …

MusicTech Fest takes place from May 27 to May 30 at Funkhaus Berlin and it starts with a big bang.

“Alles neu macht der Mai” is a common German quote, which literally translates into “Everything new makes the May”. This usually relates to springtime and the blossom of all the flowers but this year the meaning of it extends far beyond that. Not only will the vibrant city of Berlin become green and colourful again but also some of the most innovative and influential minds in music and technology meet to shape the future at Music Tech Fest Berlin.

From May 27 to May 30, the legendary Funkhaus Berlin will be transformed into a giant creative laboratory of music ideas. In a 3-day weekend of back-to-back performances, demonstrations and showcases of the most mind-blowing advances at the intersection of art and science, #MTFBerlin will bring the city’s amazing talent, innovation and intelligence together with exceptional performers and technologists from around the world. Artists, hackers, musicians, startups and scientists from different disciplines and cultures will collide, collaborate and experiment together in order to take music invention to the next level.

Besides the invention of new tools for artists and the industry, #MTFBerlin also has exclusive performances from the most exceptional and innovative artists from the electronic and other music scenes in store. On Friday, May 27 none other than Emika will exclusively showcase her latest work Symphony No.1 in a live mix, followed by an intimate discussion about her creative process. Emika’s album will not be released until much later this year. This is literally a unique chance to listen to the future. Entrance is free with the MTF festival ticket. Emika-only tickets are available here:

The program of #MTFBerlin consists of far more than just hackers, performing artists and sound installations as the entire music ecosystem contributes to it. Music Tech Fest is about using technology to open doors and design a new media language that will transform the existing cultural scene and provide new directions for creative and tech industries. It is one of its kind with no other event like it worldwide.

Check out the entire program of #MTFBerlin here:

Announced artists and performers

  • World premiere of the Symphony No. 1 in a live mix from Emika (Emika Records)
  • Co-founder of Ninja Tunes and one-half of Coldcut: Matt Black, introducing his new work “ICH BIN”.
  • Singer/songwriter, Bionic artist, creative director and supermodel: Viktoria Modesta
  • Legend of electronic music, multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ and broadcaster: Graham Massey
  • Three-time British beatboxing champion, singer, songwriter, looping artist extraordinaire and one of Elle magazine’s top 100 inspiring women in the world: Grace Savage
  • “Chorus Berlin”, the latest installation from the prolific and accomplished British electronic musician Matthew Herbert
  • The World’s first LEGO robotic band: Toa Mata Band
  • Composer and sonic artist: Scanner
  • Producer, writer, dancer, actor, self-taught cellist, and inventor: Ecce Cello – David Fernàndez
  • Vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Mercury Prize nominee: ESKA
  • Instrument maker and inventor of the Music Marble Machine: Wintergatan aka Martin Molin
  • Artistic director and WIRED Creative Fellow Laura Kriefman aka Guerilla Dance Project – Kicking The Mic
  • designer and founder of POPKALAB: Ricardo O’Nascimento
  • Norway’s most accomplished and influential producer: Jan Bang
  • Award winning jewellery and sound artist: Zoe Robertson with Flockomania
  • Creator of Mechanical Techno(youtube hit with 1 million views): Graham Dunning
  • World-class record producer and remixer: Ian Wallman
  • Champion Beatboxer: Reeps One
  • Acclaimed Berlin Bass DJ: Sarah Farina (#MTFLates)
  • An organization specialized in music, disability and technology: Drake Music
  • Blam is a mod for Minecraft that brings the magic of sound and song creation into your world.
  • The phenomenal conservatory-trained jazz drummer who turns into a humanised drumkit for #MTFBerlin: Lizzy


Where: Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastrasse 1850, 12459 Berlin

When: May 27 to May 30, 2016




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