Nice To Be Your Friend Synth 3 arrives, and it looks like that might be it

Nice To Be Your Friend Synth 3 brings the app to the end of its support lifecycle. Here’s what Secret Base Design say about it …

Support for Nice To Be Your Friend is being phased out; this final version brings the Audiobus and MIDIbus libraries up to date, and also adds support for the latest versions of iOS, so that you can keep using the app for years to come.

We have also added many of the features of Infinite Looper, a new app that is now the primary development focus. In addition to the dual back-to-back keyboards of the original NTBYF, this version adds six tracks of MIDI looping, Ableton Link synchronization, and support for IAA synthesizer hosting. There are also ten pages of programmable pads, for playing chords.

The only thing missing from NTBYF that is in Infinite Looper is the ability to save sets of loops, and to record audio directly within the app. We have also made a bundle available, so that you can upgrade from NTBYF to Infinite Looper at a reduced price.

You can find out more about Infinite Looper on our web page; there’s a quick start YouTube video that will show you all about it.

Thanks to all of our friends who have downloaded NTBYF! The feedback and encouragement from you has helped us move forward with Infinite Looper, and we hope you join us in that adventure as it goes forward!

The app is also now on sale and down from $2.99 to $0.99 (£0.79) although it was free earlier this month.

Nice To Be Your Friend Synth on the app store:

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