Video: Moog Model 15 Ipad demo 2: sci fi pads & arps

Video description:

“Here’s another demo of the modular system Moog Model 15 app for IOS / Ipad. The video shows some stock preset sounds that sound like elements of retro science fiction soundtracks.”

Video published by Shimanski Beats.

Model 15 on the app store:

Recollections of PalmSounds: Henrik Lenberg from Auxy

I’m a big fan of Auxy and have been since it first appeared on the app store. Since then it’s only got better and better and I find these days that it is in fact one of my go to apps for making music on my iPhone.

I remember talking to Henrik about it when he was just starting and I’m so pleased that it’s become one of the finest and most accessible music making apps around. It really is a testament to his vision for Auxy. So it was great to get this from him:

“You have always been my goto source for staying updated on the mobile apps scene from when it started growing 5 years ago or so, while I was working on SoundCloud. What has made the strongest impression is that you’re a really nice guy and equally supportive (since I was lucky to meet you in person a couple of times).”

If you don’t know Auxy for either iPhone or iPad then I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a joy to use and it is beautifully designed.

Video: Elastic Drums & Arturia iSpark & iSEM & Beatstep in AUM (syncing via IAA)

Video description:

“This video demonstrates Elastic Drums improved IAA sync and the debugged and improved Midi features of update 1.7.6 inside Kymatics’s great AUM host app. I had great fun tweaking ED, AUM and the Arturia’s with the Beatstep controller.”

Video published by Oliver Greschke.

Apps used:

Elastic Drums

Video: Moog Model 15 Synthesizer : Psychotropic Synthesis In-App Purchase Demo

Video description:

“Please support me on Patreon if you enjoy my content:

This is the new Moog Synthesizer App Model 15 based on the Model 15 Analog Modular Synthesizer. In this specific, I show you the In-App Purchase Psychotropic Synthesis. This video maybe help in your purchase of the IAP. Sorry for no keyboard second screen this time.”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

Model 15 on the app store:

Elastic Drums 1.7.6 is here

Elastic Drums keeps getting better and better. Here’s what’s in the latest release:

  • Midi trigger is working again
  • Option to tweak all instr. parameters with the same Midi controller
  • improved Midi possibilities (check the Manual)
  • demos by Swarm Intelligence
  • Audobus Vers. 2.3.2b10

Elastic Drums on the app store:

Nice To Be Your Friend Synth 3 arrives, and it looks like that might be it

Nice To Be Your Friend Synth 3 brings the app to the end of its support lifecycle. Here’s what Secret Base Design say about it …

Support for Nice To Be Your Friend is being phased out; this final version brings the Audiobus and MIDIbus libraries up to date, and also adds support for the latest versions of iOS, so that you can keep using the app for years to come.

We have also added many of the features of Infinite Looper, a new app that is now the primary development focus. In addition to the dual back-to-back keyboards of the original NTBYF, this version adds six tracks of MIDI looping, Ableton Link synchronization, and support for IAA synthesizer hosting. There are also ten pages of programmable pads, for playing chords.

The only thing missing from NTBYF that is in Infinite Looper is the ability to save sets of loops, and to record audio directly within the app. We have also made a bundle available, so that you can upgrade from NTBYF to Infinite Looper at a reduced price.

You can find out more about Infinite Looper on our web page; there’s a quick start YouTube video that will show you all about it.

Thanks to all of our friends who have downloaded NTBYF! The feedback and encouragement from you has helped us move forward with Infinite Looper, and we hope you join us in that adventure as it goes forward!

The app is also now on sale and down from $2.99 to $0.99 (£0.79) although it was free earlier this month.

Nice To Be Your Friend Synth on the app store:

Palm Sounds 10 (SunVox + Oscilloscope)

This is awesome, a fantastic video from Alex to celebrate PalmSounds 10th birthday this month!

Thanks Alex, I really appreciate it! Sunvox is amazing!

Video description:

“For PalmSounds’ 10th birthday!
Made in SunVox:”

Video published by Alexander Zolotov.

If you don’t already know Sunvox then you should really do yourself a favour and check it out.

Sunvox on the app store:

Back in 2009: Apple and the idea of casual music making

In many ways I still think that this is very valid today, and in fact I hadn’t realised that it was back in 2009 when I first wrote about it. It seems like such a long time ago now.

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