New Music, from Frozen Lonesome, “Song for PalmSounds”

Now that’s a really nice thing to do. A huge thank you to Steve for making this track. He says:

“A track to celebrate Ashley Elsdon’s 10th anniversary of his awesome blog”

About “Song For Palm Sounds”, this track features arpeggios from my Ultranova blended with sounds from Shoom, Mersenne, Lorentz, and Laplace. Recorded in AUM, arranged in Auria, and finished in Mastering.

He goes on to say …

“Congratulations to Ashley Elsdon on the 10th anniversary of Palm Sounds. Ten years is a long time to be promoting mobile music and it amazing to to see how far mobile music production has come in the four years since I started my Frozen Lonesome project. One of the things that I like best about Ashley’s blog is his dedication to interests beyond apps to include communities of musicians, developers, and hardware. His commitment to community is exemplified by his wonderful Sound Lab project.”

Which is a lovely comment indeed. Thanks so much Steve!

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