Back in 2007: Pacemaker DJ arrived …

To be honest I didn’t think it was true when I first heard about it, but it was. You can find out about what I first thought, here.

In 2008: A look at the Chimera bC16

It’s funny to think about the bC16 from Chimera back in the days when it was a new thing, but back then it was, or relatively so. Here’s a video of it from back in the early days when Chimera was still a going concern.

You can find the post here.

Happy app birthday to Bacterial Orchestra

Bacterial Orchestra arrived back in 2009 on this date, but I have to admit that I never really got my head around it.

Back in 2010: The mobil music alphabet – G

Another mobile music alphabet from the past. This time G, with some apps that have disappeared from view and some old favourites in there too.

So, what would be in your entries for G now?

Back in 2010: iSequence HD arrives

This was a big step forward and a really lovely app with great sounds and possibilities.

Back in 2010: A first look at the iRig

Amazing to think of a time before this stuff was around, but here we are, the first look at the iRig / AmpliTube combo from IK.

Remember the Palm Sounds T-Shirt?

Well you can still get them! If you’re interested in taking a look, click here and you can find them on cafepress.

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