Blocs keeps getting better, now there’s slice mode and you’re going to love it!


I’ve been quite vocal about Blocs Wave since it arrived and this new feature is something that I’ve been waiting for. I actually got to play with this feature a couple of weeks ago when we worked with Blocs at SoundLab. It’s amazing and opens up a whole new dimension for the app.

It’s great to see that Blocs are moving forward and adding new and innovative features to the app on such a regular basis, so I can’t wait to see what’s next for the app! All I can say is that it’ll go from strength to strength.

On to the important stuff, here’s what’s new:

Blocs Wave for iOS, the new music-creation app for iPhone and iPad, now includes a new Slice mode. Use the waveform to chop up and play with your loops, recordings or imported sounds. Record as you play or use Step Sequence mode to input up to 4 bars of your performance. Fix your timing with Quantise or use the Random generator to experiment with new ideas. Available for both iPhone and iPad as a free update.

Highlight Features

  • Chop up and rearrange your sounds
  • Play slices in real-time, and record up to four bars of your performance
  • Control, quantise and slice pad velocity for an expressive feel
  • Simple step sequencer for crafting more intricate ideas
  • Find idea inspiration with the random generator
  • Multiple undo on slice record and step-sequence
  • Available for iPhone and iPad and is a free update for existing users


Other Key points

  • Export mix feature – You can now export your tune with our new offline export mix mode
  • Batch export the individual pads to easily get them into another app or onto your laptop


Introductory price (extended for one more week) £3.99, $4.99, €4.99, normal app Price: £4.99, $6.99, €6.99:

If you want to see it in action, here’s a video that does just that …


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  1. This is great. I wasn’t keen on blockwaves at first. Thought it was just a dumb down version of lauchpad. But after the updates n more playing about im beginning to love it. Ive also just go a po 14 sub so been recording loops into this n its loads of fun.

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