Back in 2010: The first iPad Guitar?

Well this was really just a bit tongue in cheek at the time, but fun nevertheless.

Happy birthday to RecTools02 from Yudo

It was a big deal in 2009 when YUDO first brought out this recorder app. I wish they’d kept it up, but sadly that wasn’t to be the case.

Back in 2007: First steps with Audio Box Micro Composer

4Pockets Micro Composer was a really big deal back in 2007. Apps like this were few and far between, and this one was really very powerful indeed in terms of what was available for the Windows mobile platform back then,

So here I was taking a few first steps with it and writing about them in this post

Back in 2007: MiniTones for Palm OS

I can’t even remember this little app for the Palm OS, but I did post on it back in 2007, and back then any new music or sound orientated app was something to talk about.

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