If you (like me) think you’ve seen all the Theremins you can, think again …


I’ve seen a lot of ‘theremin’ apps in the past, lots and lots. So I’m skeptical about a new one. However, this look quite interesting, especially the layering feature. So I’m keen to try this one out. Until then, here’s the app’s description …

This is a multitouch synth instrument. Press the screen and play with the options to create a plethora of scuzzy yet melodic soundscapes. Record, loop and add layers to your composition, then share or download your loop to continue its journey.

The original Theremin went live in 2014 and was one of Femur’s first projects. Over a million hits later and hundreds of requests for a record button, Luke the creator has redesigned it. Now the Theremin is ready for you to experiment with.

Happy playing!

  • Records, loops, overdubs and plays back
  • Multitouch allows up to 8 tones to be played simultaneously with your fingers
  • 3 sliders: delay, feedback and scuzz
  • 4 waveforms: sine, square, triangle and saw
  • No internet needed, works both online and offline
  • Download the loop as a .wav file
  • Can be shared with other apps e.g Facebook messenger, Mail, Message and more

gizmodo.com “Just mess around! Twiddle those faders! Swipe and click with reckless abandon! Turn the volume all the way up, give the dog a panic fit, and make your neighbours think the street’s being invaded by giant cabbage people from planet Zok. Trust me, this will never get old.”

dangerousminds.net “New online theremin simulator kind of sounds cooler than the real thing. Check it out and annoy your co-workers.”

To find out about Luke’s other musical app projects please go to femurdesign.com and share your loops with Femur Design on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook: facebook.com/femurdesign
Twitter: @femurdesign

Theremin Synth on the app store costs $3.99:

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