Blocs Wave just gets better and better …

It would seem like the lovely people at Blocs must be working round the clock to get new features out. It’s only been a week since their last release with Ableton Link integration and here we are again with even more goodness. In version 3.0 they’ve added a new export mix feature so you can now export your project with their offline export mode. If that wasn’t enough you can also now do a batch export of the individual pads to easily get them into another app or onto your laptop. How amazing is that!

Now I happen to know that this isn’t the end of what the Blocs chaps are up to. If you check the post below (about my most recent SoundLab event) you’ll see that we had Blocs along to show their app, and there are very very cool things coming to Blocs Wave. But I can’t say what. What I can say is that you’ll love it!

If that wasn’t enough here’s a nice tutorial from the Blocs team on the new features:

For now, check out the app if you haven’t already. It really is great way to make music.

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