Korg Gadget wins MIPA 2016 Best Mobile Music App

gadget award

Well this is great news, and, very well deserved to. I’m sure lots of you have already seen this, but I wanted to highlight this as it really is quite a big deal. My guess is that for a lot of people Gadget really is just the best Mobile Music app around. It’s struck that balance between being accessible to someone who can work their way around a sequencer and providing enough variation so that you can realise your ideas with the app.

But one thing I find interesting is that Korg hasn’t gone down the IAA and even the AU route as yet. Now this might well be on the roadmap, as no one knew that it was going to get MIDI treatment before it happened. I think that could make for quite an interesting ‘Pro’ mode or similar.

What’s certain though is that Korg’s Gadget is going to go from strength to strength and, on a personal note, I find it to be one of the best mobile music apps around.

Korg Gadget on the app store:

Korg Gadget is also available as an LE (limited edition) version for free.

Here’s the test from the original email announcing their award win:

“KORG Gadget wins MIPA 2016 Best Mobile Music App
at Europe’s largest musical instrument trade show, Musikmesse

Journalists from over 100 dedicated music magazines around the world have selected KORG Gadget for the best Mobile Music App for 2015/2016 at the prestigious MIPA International Press Awards at the recent 2016 Musik Messe in Frankfurt Germany.

This continues Korg’s great success at MIPA awards over the years where we have won many awards for Best product in many different categories including Best Synthesiser, Best Workstation and Best Arranger. This year’s award for best Mobile Music App is great recognition for the outstandingly successful Gadget, currently one of the bestselling music apps in the Apple Store.”


  1. It’s pretty damn awesome. Even though it’s kind of a pain in the ass on the phone (which is my own choice so no points deducted there, and it’s amazing it’s even ON the phone now) the sound is top notch… I’ve been using this with Garageband (which since that was updated has been such an improvement over something already good) and the combo has just been amazing. I’ve had people ask me what I write this on and when I say it’s 100% iPhone they’re like “Whaaat?” Gives me a good chuckle 🙂

    Have loved KORG since my first Electribe A and M… such good times, such a forward thinking company.


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