Sonic Synth : FM synthesizer arrived

A new universal synth for your iOS devices. Here are the details …

Sonic Synth is very capable FM Synthesizer app with 3 oscillators. Every oscillator is independent and can generate 4 wave forms. The app works with 44100 Hz sample rate so the sound quality is great.

The touch keyboard is very responsive and dynamic – feels like a real instrument. Keys are big enough.

The last wave form is our secret algorithm for string sound also generated by the oscillators.

Variety of sounds can be created and even changed real time while you are playing using the setting of the 3 oscillators of the synthesizer.

Sonic Synth main features:
- 3 oscillators
- 4 wave form types for every oscillator
- volume, modulation, tone and detune for every oscillator
- envelope filters (attack sustain release)
- multitouch
- fast and usable piano keyboard
You can now use your phone or tablet as a recording instrument.

Sonic Synth costs $2.99 on the app store now:

Voice Synth 4.0 is a massive update!

Voice Synth has been updated to version 4.0 which is huge. Here’s what’s New:

  • Complete interface restyle
    • Easier navigation on both iPhone and iPad (smaller panels no longer cover menus)
    • Central menu bar on iPhone
    • Rotational knobs respond also to linear movements
    • Direct access on main screen for Inter-App-Audio (IAA) host/transport, sampler transport, tape rec and preset save
    • VoiceOver now includes all functions
  • Register Panel
    • Extends the original low/high registers to 49 registers
    • Set and fix a chord
    • Toggling keys to ease sound design
  • Scale Panel
    • Choose among 6 preset scales: major, minor, harmonic minor, pentatonic, augmented, diminished
    • Design your own musical scale by selecting individual notes
    • Move through scales by fifths or chromatically
  • Arpeggiator Panel
    • With up, down, up-down, down-up, 1-4 octaves, gate and speed setting
    • Create complex musical patterns with note combinations on keyboard and registers
    • Group notes into chords for keyboard and/or registers
  • Designer Panel
    • Design your own vocoder sound with wave synthesis
    • Real time oscilloscope, what you see is what you hear!
    • Mix additive, maximum and multiplicative (ringmodulation) synthesis
    • Multiplicator includes phase sync/speed adjustment and
    • Partial multiplications (take square root or other fractional powers) to
    • Create additional low frequencies and chorus-like effects
    • Sine wave with adjustable frequency, harmonics, clipping
    • Square wave with adjustable frequency, width and slope
    • Triangle/sawtooth with adjustable frequency, skew and clipping
    • Noise white or voiced, with adjustable filter and clipping (e.g. for shot noise)
    • Test mode to design while bypassing your own voice (use Designer as a synthesizer)
  • New features and improvements
    • Manually pause your voice in live mode
    • Mic-thru switch to talk clean or compare with designed sound
    • Use midi footswitches to control live-pause and mic-thru
    • Voice-Vocoder slider to mix in your own voice, e.g. dress up beat-boxing
    • Automated selection between repeated live (built-in mic/speaker) and true live (headset or other)
    • Select autopitch and pitch tracking/speed independently
    • Samples can be fully integrated within a preset
    • Adjustable sample speed/direction and pause
    • More import, export & share options, including iCloud and AirDrop
    • Unlimited number of presets, samples and tapes
    • Favorite marking of presets and samples
    • Online manual in readable form, accessible within the app
    • Hosting of IAA input, pre/post effect while being hosted by e.g. Garageband
    • Improved noise gate, both manual and automatic
    • Adaptive noise reduction, with bypass for high-quality mics
    • Improved autogain limiter, pitch tracking, stereo panning and stereo delay
    • Synchronize timing of sampler, arpeggiator, delay and strobo voice
    • Adjust which settings are included in presets, e.g. samples, musical scale
    • Polyphony up to 24 voices (depending on your iOS device’s processor)
    • Discontinuation of iTunes FileSharing (in favor of iCloud)
    • Discontinuation of audiobus (in favor of Inter-App-Audio)
    • Now 200+ factory presets with incredible sounds!

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