DRC – Polyphonic Synthesizer 1.0.2 is quite a big update. Here’s what’s new:

  • Performance improvements
  • Improved Ableton Link integration
  • Added compass progress bar under IAA transport controls
  • Added the ability to individually select which midi channels are active for input
  • Added value feedback when changing knobs or faders
  • Fixed bug that disabled Ableton Link when switching apps back and forth
  • Fixed bug that miscalculated keyboard follow ratio (causing a crash when Chorder was used in conjuntcion with KBA on Delay)
  • Fixed bug that caused status bar items to continue in a checked state after being automatically closed by timeout
  • Fixed bug that prevented bank icons button to change color according to brightness mode
  • Fixed bug that would cause a bad handling of mono mode resulting in awkward results
  • Fixed bug that would cause clicks when modulating delay time with lfo
  • Fixed bug that would prevent frezzing a track in Cubasis, Auria and other hosts

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  1. Free, but $14.95 to “Unlock Synth Engine”. According to dev site “Free 7-day fully functional trial. Download now!”

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