A big set of LaunchPad videos!

Great to see Novation put so much into helping people to get going with their LaunchPad app. If you don’t know it then you’re missing out on a great and very simple music making app which you can have hours of fun with, and, it’s free to use!

LaunchPad on the app store:

Video: The Thingamagoop 3000 – CV i/o

Video description:

“The Thingamagoop 3000 has extensive CV i/o functionality. Here’s a few examples.
The pre-order is ending soon. Get your noise friend at http://bleeplabs.com”

Video published by Bleep Labs.

GliderVerb 1.6 brings Link and more

GliderVerb 1.6 brings a load of new features, here’s the list:

  • Ableton Link in integration, find out more about Link at http://ableton.com/link
  • New SYNC for LFO and Sequencer
  • New Input Spectroscope view
  • New iCloud Drive and Document Picker for Presets and Files
  • MIDI Clock improved
  • Improved Toggle Interaction
  • Audiobus latest SDK update
  • Midibus 1.35
  • Bluetooth Audio IO support
  • Bluetooth MIDI LE Support
  • Added Preset Manager ‘Open In…’ Support
  • Added Preset Manager ‘Sends the audio files used from the Bank’
  • Added File Manager ‘Send E-Mail’ Support
  • Loud Audio Fixed during Load Presets
  • Audio Engine Optimisation
  • Bug Fixed

Video: Vatanator Drum Machine, Demo for the iPad

Vatanator on the app store:

Figure 2.1.2 is here and Allihoopa is definitely Propellerhead

New in Figure 2.1.2:

  • Profile tab! Tap Allihoopa to find your profile. Make it even prettier by adding a photo of yourself, a description of who you are, and a tag line.
  • Double tap on a patch name to bring up the new patch browser. You can also hide a patch you don’t like by pressing the eye icon.
  • David on the Figure team suggests hiding the Kamelen lead sound, because “it’s useless”. I (Leo) kind of like it. Well, I made it. Don’t hide it please.
  • Improved Facebook sign-up and login stability
  • Some of our dialog boxes were quite confusing. They now are less so. We hope.
  • The in app settings have been moved to the iOS system Settings.

“By the way: we’ve been getting some questions about who Allihoopa is. It’s us! We were previously called the Propellerhead mobile team. We’re now the Allihoopa mobile team. Same people, same owners, more colorful logo.

Hope you’re having fun with Figure!
The Figure and Allihoopa team”

Figure on the app store … still free!

Video: OP-1 String Synthesis Gyro Controlled Tutorial – haQ attaQ 143

Video description:

“I love the String synthesizer inside OP-1. It’s even better when using the internal gyroscope as a modulation source!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Infinite Looper from Secret Base Design arrives


A new app from Secret Base Design is a good treat for a Friday. Their latest offering is aimed at songwriting and is called Infinite Looper. Here are all the details:

From the stage to the studio, Infinite Looper will let you capture musical ideas, and can provide the framework for songwriting, all in a single integrated app. Loop MIDI phrases easily, control six different instruments, and quickly assemble loops into full songs. Visit the Secret Base Design web site for details and demonstration videos.

MIDI Looping
There are dozens of audio looping apps; Infinite Looper expands on this idea, allowing you to quickly select different synthesizers, and loop the MIDI to each with perfect synchronization. Each of the instruments can have up to eight simultaneous loops. The loops can be of different lengths, up to sixtyfour measures long.

Internal SoundFont Engine
Built into the app is an extensive SoundFont library with hundreds of instruments, and multiple drum kits. Pianos, strings, guitar, brass, synthesizers — it’s all there. Everything you need to get going right away.

Inter-App Audio
Infinite Looper can host IAA-compatible synth apps — take advantage of the wide range of innovative synths.

MIDI In and Out
The app recognizes MIDI from other apps, over Bluetooth connections, and from hardware controllers. Secret Base Design is the developer of the innovative Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth — the first Bluetooth MIDI solution for iOS. We’re also partners in the musicIO app, which allows both audio and MIDI to be sent over an ordinary iOS sync cable. The app is built using the excellent MIDIbus library — the Secret Base Design team has been at the forefront of MIDI on iOS for years.

More that just loops. Songs.
Built into the app is a loop sequencer — select different sets of loops for each section of a song, and the app will step through them automatically. You can build complex compositions, so that your songs evolve and breathe.

MIDI Export
The iPad is an excellent music sketch pad, but it’s not the end of the road. Infinite Looper will export a MIDI file for a song, which can be loaded into professional desktop DAWs. Use your iPad to put together a demo, and then bring in the full set of studio tools to finish your masterpiece.

Keyboards and Pads
The app features a responsive piano-style keyboard — adjust note velocity by touching towards the tops of the keys. And because on-screen keyboards can be hard to play, there’s also ten pages of programmable pads. You can quickly assign notes or chords to pads, making it easy to capture the progression for a song idea, and bring the whole thing into focus.

Quantization and MIDI Latency
To lock down timing, you can toggle on quantization — or leave it off, for a loose, natural feeling. If you use external MIDI controllers, there can be latency in the MIDI messages — the app can time shift slight to account for the delay of Bluetooth connections or WiFi. And if you use an audio-to-MIDI converter app like MIDImorphosis, latency compensation can tighten up the timing.

All the standards
Infinite Looper supports Ableton Link, making it easy to synchronize the app with other Link-enabled apps. There’s full support for Inter-App Audio and IAA MIDI, and Audiobus too.

MIDI Learn
If you’re playing live, your hands might be busy with a keyboard or a guitar. With MIDI learn, you can control the app with a foot controller. Toggle on and off recording, switch tracks, and more. Infinite Looper is ready to be taken on stage, and used live.

Import and Export
Easily share projects with friends using AirDrop, Dropbox, or by email.

Take Notes
Want to jot down song lyrics, or details on a synthesizer or hardware setup? Infinite Looper projects include a text notepad, so you can capture whatever you need to!

Infinite Looper uses the Ableton Link library, the Audiobus library, and the MIDIbus library. Internal sounds are from the widely used SoundFont set by Christian Collins.

Infinite Looper costs $9.99 on the app store:

Video: Casio Japan: Herrmutt Lobby – Ima Wo Ikiru

Having met the guys from Herrmutt Lobby a couple of years ago it’s no surprise to find them doing cool stuff pretty much wherever they go.

Case in point right?

Video description:

“Casio Japan asked us to shoot a video performance for their “Master of Trackformer” series. We used their xw-pd1 controllers with Playground •. This is ” Ima Wo Ikiru”. More info on Casio Japan’s website: buff.ly/1VUbNx8

Video published by Herrmutt Lobby.

Playground on the app store:

DRC – Polyphonic Synthesizer 1.0.2 arrives and the app is still free!

DRC – Polyphonic Synthesizer 1.0.2 is quite a big update. Here’s what’s new:

  • Performance improvements
  • Improved Ableton Link integration
  • Added compass progress bar under IAA transport controls
  • Added the ability to individually select which midi channels are active for input
  • Added value feedback when changing knobs or faders
  • Fixed bug that disabled Ableton Link when switching apps back and forth
  • Fixed bug that miscalculated keyboard follow ratio (causing a crash when Chorder was used in conjuntcion with KBA on Delay)
  • Fixed bug that caused status bar items to continue in a checked state after being automatically closed by timeout
  • Fixed bug that prevented bank icons button to change color according to brightness mode
  • Fixed bug that would cause a bad handling of mono mode resulting in awkward results
  • Fixed bug that would cause clicks when modulating delay time with lfo
  • Fixed bug that would prevent frezzing a track in Cubasis, Auria and other hosts

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