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iMaschine 2.1 arrives with Link and more!

Native’s iMaschine 2 has been updated to version 2.1 which comes with a very lovely surprise of Link! Here’s what’s new in this update:

  • Ableton Link Integration – Sync up and jam with other applications that support Ableton Link.
  • Enhanced Audio Export – Quickly and easily export entire tracks or scenes as .WAV or .M4A files and share them via Messages, Mail or 3rd party Apps like SoundCloud, Dropbox and Facebook Messenger.
  • Improved Project Transfer to Maschine – Effortlessly send your projects to your desktop and continue working on them with Maschine.

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modstep 1.1 arrives and includes AU support and much more

Here’s what’s new in Modstep 1.1

New Features:

  • Audio Unit support: use AU instruments and effects in modstep
  • new Plugin-Browser: Drag and drop internal Instruments, AUs or IAAs to any of the Tracks.
  • new Plugin-Chain per Track:: combine Internal Instruments, Audio Units and IAAs and add unlimited Insert FX per Track
  • new MIDI – IO-Section per Track allows quick & easy setup of MIDI Port & Channel routings for each track.
  • added Master FX Chain
  • new Settings-Popups for Clips, Scenes & Tracks – available via Long-Tap.
  • Global Scale: use one Scale throughout all Tracks in your Session (optional per track)
  • Clips now show a preview of the notes inside their current Pattern.
  • Patterns now show a preview of their notes.
  • when deleting a Clip you will now have to confirm the deletion by tapping twice.
  • added optional ‘Enter Clip Shortcut’ – if activated, all clips will show a button that allows to quickly open the clip in its related sequencer page.
  • added variable grid-size in Piano Roll (1/48 – 1bar)
  • studiomux is now able to send audio data to modstep (e.G. to mix or process through FX)
  • modstep can now receive audio via Audiobus (to mix / process)
  • Added Arrangement options:
  • Scene follow: Automatically starts the next scene after the current one finishes.
  • Scene Loops: set the Scene to loop X times (or unlimited) before the next one starts
  • Clip Loops: set the Clip to loop X times (or unlimited)
  • Scale per Scene: Change the Global Scale per Scene
  • Tempo per Scene: Change the tempo for each Scene
  • MIDI file import & export
  • new MIDI file browser in the main file-menu.
  • added MIDI indicators
  • AudioShare import for the Sampler
  • new global Keyboard with Pads and velocity to easily play all of your tracks onscreen.
  • Audiobus destination support
  • over 20 new MIDI Templates
  • added metronome
  • you may now decide which of the tracks should record audio.


  • Notes entered in Drum and Melody mode are not shared anymore (when switching modes, the other modes notes will not play or be shown anymore)
  • Drum / Melody mode do not change the Piano Rolls touch-behaviour anymore.
  • added Draw-mode toggle to change the Piano Rolls touch-behaviour in either mode.

Bugfixes & improvements:

  • fixed occasional note drop-outs
  • improved timing of internal Sampler & Synth to be sample accurate
  • improved audio-recordings to be seamless loops
  • Export and Import of CCs, Chords and Pads works now
  • fixed panning bug in the Sampler.
  • Velocity in Piano Roll and Step Sequencer was fixed
  • CCs were blocked by selected CCs
  • several smaller bug- and crash-fixes as well as small usability enhancements

Modstep on the app store:

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Vatanator is a new drum machine for your iPad


Well here’s a new drum machine for your iPad Vatanator is available right now on the app store, here are the details:

Vatanator is a unique drum machine with advanced MIDI functionality. It features 140 built-in presets emulating every classic vintage hardware.
It is aimed for simplicity and instant rhythm creation.

Vatanator 1.0.0 features:

  • iOS 7.1 and up compatible, iPad retina graphics
  • Record patterns in real-time with quantization, MIDI assignable
  • 16/32 steps sequencer with advanced MIDI options
  • Fast loading of presets on the fly
  • Full MIDI implementation
  • Background audio
  • Audiobus, Audiobus Remote, Inter-App Audio and Ableton Link support
  • Ability to import samples via AudioCopy, Dropbox or iTunes Share
  • Real-time effects with envelope follower, MIDI assignable
  • Song arranger, ability to store a sequence of patterns and play them in order
  • 8 channel mixer with volume control and mute/solo for any individual instrument

Vatanator costs $5.99 on the app store:

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Videos: Blocs Wave and Ableton Link

It has been great to see Blocs Wave get Link integration and get really useful when working with other apps. I can tell you from personal experience that this is just the beginning with Blocs Wave, there’s some seriously cool stuff coming along, but more of that later on …

For now, enjoy Blocs with your Link jam.

Blocs Wave of the app store:

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Something new coming to NOIZ …


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