iMaschine 2.1 arrives with Link and more!

Native’s iMaschine 2 has been updated to version 2.1 which comes with a very lovely surprise of Link! Here’s what’s new in this update:

  • Ableton Link Integration – Sync up and jam with other applications that support Ableton Link.
  • Enhanced Audio Export – Quickly and easily export entire tracks or scenes as .WAV or .M4A files and share them via Messages, Mail or 3rd party Apps like SoundCloud, Dropbox and Facebook Messenger.
  • Improved Project Transfer to Maschine – Effortlessly send your projects to your desktop and continue working on them with Maschine.

modstep 1.1 arrives and includes AU support and much more

Here’s what’s new in Modstep 1.1

New Features:

  • Audio Unit support: use AU instruments and effects in modstep
  • new Plugin-Browser: Drag and drop internal Instruments, AUs or IAAs to any of the Tracks.
  • new Plugin-Chain per Track:: combine Internal Instruments, Audio Units and IAAs and add unlimited Insert FX per Track
  • new MIDI – IO-Section per Track allows quick & easy setup of MIDI Port & Channel routings for each track.
  • added Master FX Chain
  • new Settings-Popups for Clips, Scenes & Tracks – available via Long-Tap.
  • Global Scale: use one Scale throughout all Tracks in your Session (optional per track)
  • Clips now show a preview of the notes inside their current Pattern.
  • Patterns now show a preview of their notes.
  • when deleting a Clip you will now have to confirm the deletion by tapping twice.
  • added optional ‘Enter Clip Shortcut’ – if activated, all clips will show a button that allows to quickly open the clip in its related sequencer page.
  • added variable grid-size in Piano Roll (1/48 – 1bar)
  • studiomux is now able to send audio data to modstep (e.G. to mix or process through FX)
  • modstep can now receive audio via Audiobus (to mix / process)
  • Added Arrangement options:
  • Scene follow: Automatically starts the next scene after the current one finishes.
  • Scene Loops: set the Scene to loop X times (or unlimited) before the next one starts
  • Clip Loops: set the Clip to loop X times (or unlimited)
  • Scale per Scene: Change the Global Scale per Scene
  • Tempo per Scene: Change the tempo for each Scene
  • MIDI file import & export
  • new MIDI file browser in the main file-menu.
  • added MIDI indicators
  • AudioShare import for the Sampler
  • new global Keyboard with Pads and velocity to easily play all of your tracks onscreen.
  • Audiobus destination support
  • over 20 new MIDI Templates
  • added metronome
  • you may now decide which of the tracks should record audio.


  • Notes entered in Drum and Melody mode are not shared anymore (when switching modes, the other modes notes will not play or be shown anymore)
  • Drum / Melody mode do not change the Piano Rolls touch-behaviour anymore.
  • added Draw-mode toggle to change the Piano Rolls touch-behaviour in either mode.

Bugfixes & improvements:

  • fixed occasional note drop-outs
  • improved timing of internal Sampler & Synth to be sample accurate
  • improved audio-recordings to be seamless loops
  • Export and Import of CCs, Chords and Pads works now
  • fixed panning bug in the Sampler.
  • Velocity in Piano Roll and Step Sequencer was fixed
  • CCs were blocked by selected CCs
  • several smaller bug- and crash-fixes as well as small usability enhancements

Modstep on the app store:

Vatanator is a new drum machine for your iPad


Well here’s a new drum machine for your iPad Vatanator is available right now on the app store, here are the details:

Vatanator is a unique drum machine with advanced MIDI functionality. It features 140 built-in presets emulating every classic vintage hardware.
It is aimed for simplicity and instant rhythm creation.

Vatanator 1.0.0 features:

  • iOS 7.1 and up compatible, iPad retina graphics
  • Record patterns in real-time with quantization, MIDI assignable
  • 16/32 steps sequencer with advanced MIDI options
  • Fast loading of presets on the fly
  • Full MIDI implementation
  • Background audio
  • Audiobus, Audiobus Remote, Inter-App Audio and Ableton Link support
  • Ability to import samples via AudioCopy, Dropbox or iTunes Share
  • Real-time effects with envelope follower, MIDI assignable
  • Song arranger, ability to store a sequence of patterns and play them in order
  • 8 channel mixer with volume control and mute/solo for any individual instrument

Vatanator costs $5.99 on the app store:

Videos: Blocs Wave and Ableton Link

It has been great to see Blocs Wave get Link integration and get really useful when working with other apps. I can tell you from personal experience that this is just the beginning with Blocs Wave, there’s some seriously cool stuff coming along, but more of that later on …

For now, enjoy Blocs with your Link jam.

Blocs Wave of the app store:

Pocket Organ C3B3 gets updated a bit and is on sale

Pocket Organ C3B3 has been around since late 2009 so I’m pleased to see that it’s still going. In it’s latest version it seems have mainly got a new a new icon, but also an adjustment of the rotary effect and key click.

Also the app is on sale at the moment and down from $5.99 to $2.99.

Something new coming to NOIZ …


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