I’m a big fan of NOIZ from Studio Amplify having been involved in it for a long time now. So it’s great to see it go from strength to strength. So here’s what’s new in version 1.3

  • Added the ability to change presets and tweak settings on all the instruments opening up more possibilities for mashups!
  • Removed login the page
  • Added a news page to easily provide information about NOIZ
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

But that’s not all, not a bit of it, there’s more to come if you see what they’re saying on their site. Go take a look at what they’ve got to say, but most of all the headlines are:

  • More songs including tracks from well-known musicians and artists.
  • DJ Mix Mode – Mashup two or more songs together to make a unique mix.
  • A “Build Your Own” editor that will allow users to create their own interfaces and songs.

Get NOIZ on the app store, it’s free!

And if you can, vote it up on Product Hunt too.

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