Video: iConnectAUDIO2+ demonstration (also see companion blog article)

Video description:

“A demonstration video using the new iConnectAUDIO2+ that accompanies the blog article at

Oh 🙂 Note that the recorded audio was all ad-hoc and I made no pretense at keeping accurate timing – was just for the purposes of laying something down :-D”

Video published by MusicInclusive.

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  1. I’ve got one of these and been using it for about 3 months now.
    what it has done to my music making is absolutely awesome, seriously, its changed everything.

    The four inputs at the front are fantastic, better than any of many many rolands \ m-audio \ focusrites ive bought over the years (£100-200 range)
    Midi routing and audio routing between iphone \ ipad \ laptop is like some freaky dream come true.

    The mixer has gone, all my korg and teenage engineering devices sound great plugged into the front.all my USB devices hang off a single hub and are accessible from anything I plug into it. wow!

    My mate plugs his laptop and outboard gear into it when he comes over.
    Everything sounds pristine, its got me to a stage I never want to go back from.

    Its not all good though, no no, the team who made it may be digital audio propeller heads, but the control panel software is like .. hmmm .. well its like a swirly mess of options and functionality that would come from the head of computer techie if you asked them about internet security, when all you really fancied was maybe getting a new laptop. wrapped up in an interface perfect for Windows 95.

    What it can do far out ways that problem.
    I see that it can only improve, the more people that get one the better!
    I plan on doing a video review soon.


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