The ever excellent midiLFOs has been updated to version 1.3. Here’s what’s new:

  • Tap tempo
  • Dot and triplet timing options
  • Faster and slower LFO options
  • “TRG” link option where all linked LFOs retrigger when any of the linked LFOs are triggered
  • Option to trigger LFO with any incoming MIDI note
  • Velocity of incoming MIDI notes can now be used as a MOD
  • New TOUCH mode turns on LFO only when screen touched, or while MIDI in note is held down
  • Tapping on the LFO in LOOP mode now triggers it instead of turning it on/off
  • Set MIDI CC# automatically with incoming MIDI CC and open output popup
  • Set high or low MIDI CC values with incoming MIDI CC and open CC popup
  • Display glitches fixed

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