Whilst it wasn’t an amazing week this week there were some interesting things and some good news. Here’s the highlights of the week that was day by day.

Monday 4th:

  • Whilst not news, this OP-1 video is well worth a watch, and shows just what you can do with an OP-1.
  • scriptSONIC launched a free version so you can check out the app before you pay (original post / app store link)
  • Arduino set up their instagram account

Tuesday 5th:

Wednesday 6th:

Thursday 7th:

  • A bit of news about what Sugar Bytes are up to in this post.
  • A useful video tutorial from Jakob Haq on using a PO series device and iKaossiliator

Saturday 9th:


So, a quiet week really, but some good stuff to talk about even so.

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