It’s Sunday so it’s time for the weekly round up

Whilst it wasn’t an amazing week this week there were some interesting things and some good news. Here’s the highlights of the week that was day by day.

Monday 4th:

  • Whilst not news, this OP-1 video is well worth a watch, and shows just what you can do with an OP-1.
  • scriptSONIC launched a free version so you can check out the app before you pay (original post / app store link)
  • Arduino set up their instagram account

Tuesday 5th:

Wednesday 6th:

Thursday 7th:

  • A bit of news about what Sugar Bytes are up to in this post.
  • A useful video tutorial from Jakob Haq on using a PO series device and iKaossiliator

Saturday 9th:


So, a quiet week really, but some good stuff to talk about even so.

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