Video: How to record your first overdub on Songtree

Video description:

“This video shows how to post your first song on Songtree, the collaborative music making app & community.

The video shows how to use the iOS or Android app to browse the community to find a song that you like and want to contribute to. Wether you sing, play guitar, harmonica, piano or kazoo you’ll certainly find some good songs that need your contribution.

Once you have found the song simply click on the overdub button.
You’ll then get into the recorder part of the app, where you can easily record over the track you’ve imported, add effects, adjust volumes, cut & paste and finally post the resulting song back to the Songtree community, where other users will be able to like the song, comment on it, and of course record new instruments or vocal parts over it.

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Video published by nTrackSoftware.

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Video: The Amazing Audio Engine 2: Sample app preview

Video description:

“This is a short demo of the sample app that comes with The Amazing Audio Engine 2. See the full source code at”

Video published by ATastyPixel.

Video: OP-1 FM Gong sound Tutorial – haQ attaQ 135

Video description:

“I love FM synthesis and the OP-1 really delivers just that.”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Video: PlayGround – Le Motel – Shango

Video: The Amazing Audio Engine 2 Introduction

Video description:

“Presenting The Amazing Audio Engine 2: a new audio engine for Core Audio. In this video I introduce the main concepts, and walk through creating a simple demo app that plays a loop with effects, mixed together with audio input, with recording capabilities.”

Video published by ATastyPixel.

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