Video: Novation LaunchPad, Film Score Pack, FREE from thesoundtestroom, Tutorial

Video published by The SoundTestRoom.

LaunchPad on the app store:

Video: Jakob visits Teenage Engineering HQ – haQ VLog 77

Video description:

“My visit at Teenage Engineering, , the creators of the pocket operators and OP-1”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Video: Cubasis, Playing ALL the NEW Keyboard Instruments

Video published by the Sound Test Room.

Cubasis on the app store:

VividTracker 1.7 is a one of a kind

Another great update for VividTracker is here:

  • Support for both sending samples and pattern data to Korg Volca Sample (this is the first app that can do this!!!).
  • Support for AudioCopy (send pattern audio output to other apps, really cool feature!)

DJDJ adds Link and Audiobus

So I get to say one of my favourite things, DJDJ is on the bus! Yay! In version 1.0.2 here’s what’s new:

  • Ableton Link integration
  • Audiobus

DJDJ on the app store:

Also check out other apps supporting Link here.

Video: NS1-Virtual Analog Synth Audio Unit, With Garageband, Demo for iPad

Video published by The SoundTest Room.

NS1 on the app store:

SoundBow adds MIDI and more in the latest update

Here’s what’s new in SoundBow 1.1:

  • Auto-sync drawings: want to keep the rythm? You can do so, by turning auto-sync on, so your drawings will always keep track of their timing and form clean, nice loops
  • MIDI out support: connect SoundBow to other devices and make any kind of sounds with other musical instruments, or even physical objects (see the website of SoundBow for details)

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