Video: ORGANELLE BY CRITTER AND GUITARI Sound Test Synth Sample sequencer drum machin and more

Video description:

“Sound Test
download the Sound test for sampling

Download link
Open Source

As you create patches or tweak existing ones you can share them with others! The Organelle is built with community interaction in mind. The entire system runs open source software and may be customized at every level.
Audio: 1x ¼” Stereo Sound Input Jack 2x ¼” Mono Sound Output Jacks (L and R channels) Input & Output Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz; 16-bit ⅛” Stereo Headphone output Jack ¼” Footswitch Jack

Interface: High-Contrast OLED Display Screen 4x Parameter Knobs Rotary Selection knob with Push Button Select Volume Knob 25x Maple Key 1x RGB LED

Processor Specifications: 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 512 MB RAM

Operating System: Linux

Boot time: ~12 seconds
Storage: Ships with 4GB USB Drive Patches and any required files (audio samples, etc.) stored here

Additional Connections: 2x USB port USB Host for: MIDI over USB & Serial over USB USB 2.0 standard-A type connector HDMI output port

Power: 9VDC, 1.0 Amp (Power Supply included)
Physical Characteristics: Size: 10.5″ x 3.25″ x 2.125″ Enclosure: Anodized Aluminum top, ABS Plastic bottom, rubber foot pads”

Video published by Ulises El Licenciado Lozano.

Makes me much more interested in one of these now.

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