NOIZ has arrived


Well it’s been a long wait, that’s for sure, but now NOIZ is here and it’s great to see it on the app store at last.

I’ve been involved with NOIZ on and off for quite a long time, from testing it with SoundLab to getting the team up to the Royal Festival Hall for our annual club night. So it’s been a journey and a half and all the more reason to be pleased to see it arrive today.

The other issue that the arrival of NOIZ highlights is just how important ‘casual’ music making is and will continue to be. That’s a post for another day though, for now, here’s all you need to know about NOIZ:

Today sees the release of NOIZ, a new app from London based start-up Studio Amplify, which totally redefines how songs are created and performed.

Say goodbye to strings, skins and keys as users take control of loops, effects and other sound altering devices to create unique soundscapes in the easy-to-use and intuitive interface. With NOIZ, all it takes is a tap and a drag to create live remixes and mashups on the fly.

Making music will never be the same again.

Users have total control over song progression, making the experience much like performing on a physical instrument, whilst inbuilt intelligent syncing prevents mistakes and allows for total freedom of expression and spontaneity.

“When we designed NOIZ it was important to us that anyone could download and use it instantly, but also that it retained a level of complexity that could be mastered over time”, explained Alex Fox, one of the two founding brothers of Studio Amplify.

Unsurprisingly, accessibility often comes at the expense of depth, limiting user experience. NOIZ bucks this trend and appeals to a wide spectrum of users, from novices to more experienced musicians.

“So many people are put off making music because the software looks dull and intimidating. We wanted to create something that looked and felt amazing to play”, said Jonah Fox, co-founder. “Our goal is to help inspire a new generation of musicians – whether they can play an instrument or not”.

What can you expect next? Jonah explains, “This is just the first step and now the foundations are down we’re looking forward to quickly rolling out new features and finding the right sort of investment to help us grow”.

Future updates to NOIZ will include:

More songs including tracks from well-known musicians and artists.
DJ Mix Mode – Mashup two or more songs together to make a unique mix.
A “Build Your Own” editor that will allow users to create their own interfaces and songs.

Pricing & Availability
NOIZ is available for FREE on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad today. Download it now:

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