Video: Wintergatan’s Marble Machine – on Teenage Engineering OP-1

Video description:

“Another tribute to Wintergatan’s amazing “Marble Machine” song & video! Here performed live on Teenage Engineering OP-1 instead of a gigant ball machine. I tried to be as true to the original as possible (down to each separate drum hit 🙂 ), but still just working with the limitations of the OP-1 instead. Instructions on what’s going on are available in the video. I’m using the LEGO accessory to get better control over one of the parameters.”

Video published by tubesockor.

Just shows what you can do with an OP-1. It’s pretty impressive stuff.

Video: Aron Lamm on iOS and Borderlands Granular – Interview

Video description:

“Musician Aron Lamm tells us why he chooses to make music with the iOS platform and also about his love for Borderlands Granular!

Aron Lamm aka m*rstr*nd – Bandcamp

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Borderlands on the app store:

Video: Building A Soundscape With The Korg iM1 And Cubasis

Video published by TheSoundTestRoom.

Cubasis on the app store:

iM1 on the app store:

Video: KORG Gadget Advanced MIDI input setup – haQ attaQ 133

Video description:

“Latest KORG Gadget Update brings Advanced MIDI input routing! check this tutorial!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

KORG Gadget on the app store:

Both FL Studio Mobile apps get bug fix releases, but no news on v3

Which seems a little odd to me. There was lots of talk about the new version of FL Studio Mobile which was going to be a complete re-write, but that was some time ago, and it seems that since then there’s been a complete lack of news.

Anyone know any more about this?

Please check out the School of Noise page

I posted a few times about the School of Noise, and now they’ve got their own permanent page on the site too. You can find the page here, it’s just under the about page.

You’ll probably be hearing a lot about the School of Noise over the coming weeks, mainly because they’re really awesome and do amazing things in teaching kids about sound and experimentation with music.

A little reminder about RandomBus

I have posted about this before, but in case you didn’t know about RandomBus, here’s a little reminder for my twitterBot that randomly tweets set ups for Audiobus. You can find it on twitter at @RandomBus!

For a little more information you can check out the page dedicated to it above.

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