The Round Up Returns! Here’s a collection of the highlights over the last month

It’s been a while now hasn’t it, but I know that lots of people really like these weekly round ups or recaps of all the mobile music making news, so I thought I’d bring them back starting today.

Normally they’ll be weekly, on a Sunday, but today I’ll go back a bit further too.


  • A mastering app for Android? Could be, check this video from the maker of Caustic












  • Here’s a useful video on how to use Sunvox as an FX unit in iOS
  • If Pd and MobMuPlat in particular is your thing then you should check out this video and the downloadable patch too
  • For the PatchBlocks users, here’s a first look at their newest block, the KeyBlock, looks good
  • shapesynth 4.0 arrived and is a massive update, and is completely awesome too. If you don’t know this app it is well worth checking out (go to the original post, go straight to the app)
  • If you missed the Apple event (and assuming you wanted to watch the whole thing) you can now, it’s here.



  • A useful video about Ferrite Recording Studio and history edits
  • Coming soon … Shoom for iPad is on the way, watch the video here



  • Remixlive arrived, another ‘casual’ music making app using loops, and is not dissimilar to Novation’s LaunchPad

So that’s the round up for now. But I do have a couple of questions about these round ups which would be really helpful if you could answer.

  1. Would you find the weekly round ups more useful if you could have them in a downloadable format, like a PDF?
  2. If there was a weekly email with the round up of mobile news would you sign up to that?

Thanks for you help with that.

Video: Synced iOS Performance MUSIK APP MANUFAKTUR Superbooth 16 (nice t-shirts guys)

Video description:

“An alliance of music app developers called Musik App Manufaktur had a very nice performance with iOS apps here at Superbooth 16. They’re clearly showing that mobile app music is not just something fun to play around with while you’re waiting for the bus. No, these are highly capable of high performance stuff, also controlling modulars and syncing over Ableton link. Good stuff.”

Video published by cuckoomusic.

Apps in the Musik App Manufaktur alliance:

zMors Modular
Elastic Drums

All very cool apps, and very cool to see them all used together like that.

(wish I had one of those t-shirts!).

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