Video: Launchpad MIDI Sync Output Setup – haQ attaQ 132

Video description:

“Launchpad MIDI Sync Output is now available to us via an IAP (in-app-purchase) and it enables us to send MIDI clock sync out to other apps. This episode of haQ attaQ is a tutorial on how to do just that!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Launchpad on the app store:

YouCompose gets on the bus!

It isn’t too often that I get to post that an existing app is on the bus, but here we are. YouCompose gets on the bus today. Here’s what’s new with the app:

  • Audiobus
  • AudioCopy
  • Exporting audio files
  • Audio engine improvements

YouCompose is now Audiobus compatible. YouCompose acts as an input app in Audiobus. In Audiobus and Audiobus Remote it offers the standard ‘Play/Stop’ and ‘Rewind’ buttons. Additionally in Audiobus Remote YouCompose offers 4 remote triggers that allow you to adjust the reverb and output levels.

AudioCopy is supported now. You can select a movement, part, segment or fragment to be copied to the AudioCopy clipboard. With AudioCopy you can easily upload a composition to SoundCloud.

Exporting audio files from a movement, part, segment or fragment to other apps is possible now. This includes MIDI files, aac, m4a, aiff, caf and wav files. The m4a file will contain iTunes data ‘album’, ‘album artist’, ‘artist’, ‘composer‘ (if defined), ‘user comment‘ with the date and time of the exported file, ‘song name’, ‘genre’, ‘track’ numbers, ‘lyrics‘ (when present) and a YouCompose icon as artwork.

The audio engine is improved to avoid clipping in some instruments and to provide background audio even when your screen is locked.

YouCompose on the app store:

Video: Sneak Peek: Shoom for iPad

Video description:

“Coming soon to the App Store…” (yes that’s all the description in the video)

The site says …

Shoom, full audio range triple-synth playground for iPad.

It’s coming from the maker of Xynthesizr.

Video published by Yuri Turov.

shapesynth updates again

shapesynth gets even better in version 4.0.1. Here’s what’s new:

  • Adding option of global envelope for arpeggios, (for a sound closer to the original).
  • Fixing filter display bug.

Video: Moogfest’s _substrate playing through Audulus Ladder Filter

Video description:

“See you at Moogfest! Audulus will be tabling at Moogfest May 19-22nd – come by and say hi! This patch features a ladder filter by Macro Machines – thought it was appropriate seeing as Moog invented the ladder filter.”

Video published by Bimini Road.

Audulus on the app store:

Video: History — Ferrite Recording Studio

Video description:

“In Ferrite Recording Studio, you can go back in time and see your old edits. Here’s how.”

Video published by Wooji Juice.

Ferrite Recording Studio on the app store:

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