shapesynth 4.0 is here and it has Link!

shapesynth 4.0 has arrived and now has Link and so much more.

  • Completely NEW user interface.
  • Adding Ableton Link support.
  • Adding a second oscillator.
  • Adding oscillator mixing modes (add, sub, mul).
  • Adding full ADSR for HFO and LFO.
  • Adding direction setting for second half of waveform.
  • Adding a third LFO mode, duty cycle.
  • Adding tempo sync option.
  • Adding ability to preset the tape loop length.
  • Adding stereo channel to delay.
  • Adding filter type setting (low, band and high pass).
  • Adding option of more controls to accelerometer data.
  • Adding tape sync option to sequencer.
  • Adding euclidean rhythm to sequencer.
  • Adding a few synth presets.
  • Changing midi cc structure.
  • Adding in app help.

shapesynth on the app store:

Video: iSpark Ableton Link

iSpark on the app store:

So this is going to be nice for PatchBlocks users


Video: MobMuPlat Patch::FM 2

Video description:

“Download here:

My latest patch built for MobMuPlat. I basically just learned about how FM synths work and decided to build my own. Fun stuff.”

Video published by otemrellik.

MobMuPlat on the app store:

Video: SunVox as an FX unit

Video description:

“How to use SunVox on iOS as an effects unit within AudioBus, IAA and also within Cubasis and Tonestack as examples. Sound generating apps were Fugue Machine and Laplace.

The main thing with using SunVox as an effects unit is to ensure you open it first. You then add the “Input” module, connect it to whatever you like which leads to the Output module.

If you do that first you can then add SunVox as an effect to other apps, or as an effect in AudioBus or IAA.”

Video published by Mathias Hellquist.

Video: KORG iDS-10 Live Performance

Video description:

“It’s so much fun to play on iDS-10 It sounds so tasty! remind me TB-303 kind resonant (nasty) acid bass.

The video created by screen capture of real iPad while I perform the song. This is why my fingers actions not seen but every tweaks I’ve done are visible for demo purpose. A part prepared few patterns, everything performed in real time.

iPad screen ratio is not the same as a HD video this is why 2 black borders presents. But the sound quality is very high because directly streamed from iPad digitally and recorded as it is.

I hope you enjoy and inspire.”

Video published by 101SONIC.

iDS-10 on the app store:

This is brilliant!

I would love to go to this, and I would if I were eligible and lived anywhere near Huddersfield. But seriously, this kind of event is absolutely brilliant and I wish there was a lot more of it going on, not just in Huddersfield but everywhere.

Go check it out here.

If you missed the Apple Event and feel the need to see the whole thing, it’s here

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