Video: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator – Lunch break Jam

Video description:

“Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rhythm, PO-20 Arcade & PO-28 Robot with a Korg KP-mini doing a live improvisational synth jam.

Hi Gang,

This is more of an experiment really but it’s the first of a series of recordings I’ll be doing during my lunch breaks. You see, I started a new diet and I’m not going out for lunch anymore so I have some free time. This was the first test run to see how things would go.

I’m building a larger, all battery powered mini-studio that will fit inside an aluminum case. It will use my Novation Circuit, Pocket Operators, Volca Keys, a couple guitar pedals and a battery powered mixer recording into the trusty DR-05. BUT.. I haven’t finished building that yet so this was just a mess around with the PO’s.

Don’t expect anything magical here. I’m just messing around and I’ve found this particular signal chain seems to introduce a lot of noise. It’ll be better when I split the sync off and send the audio for the PO’s into the mixer individually.

Thanks for watching.­en

Video published by Matt Greer.

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