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Video: Reactable mobile music App with Ableton Link

Video description:

“Based on the Reactable Live! software, the Reactable Mobile is a versatile synthesiser that allows you to play and process your own sound samples and audio input. A complete and flexible live performance instrument with professional audio quality. Load and store your sessions and share them with your friends. Interactive music takes on a new dimension.

New version 2.4 for iOS integrates Ableton Link, allowing to connect and synchronize between several devices.”

Video published by Reactable Systems.

Reactable on the app store:

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Video: Heads or Tails by redskylullaby

Video description:

“Music made on iPad with various music apps including Sector, Animoog and Apedelay

Video published by redskylullaby.

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Cube Synth is on sale as well

Cube Synth is on sale and down from $11.99 to $5.99.

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So that was the Apple Event

There wasn’t a huge amount to say about it. I did wonder if Tim Cook was a little embarrassed about enthusing about new watch straps. Of course the big thing, at least biggest from this event was the new iPad Pro 9.7″ device. I think it’s a better size than the 12″ version. That’s just a personal view of course.

If I was going to upgrade my iPad (which I’m not sadly) I think I’d go for the device announced today.

The other thing was the new iPhone SE, but I can’t get excited about this I’m afraid. So it wasn’t an amazing event from my perspective, but then again it probably wasn’t aimed at me was it.

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Apple Event has started

Their event has now started. I’ll be posting anything significant that comes up. One thing I didn’t know was that Apple was going to be 40 years old on the 1st of April.

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Video: Soundmachines NS1nanosynth Review Test

Video description:

“The Soundmachines NS1nanosynth is a miniature modular synthesizer that’s offers a surprising level of capabilities, given its price. (It costs about the same as one module of a full-size modular synth.)

It’s cheap, as modular synths go, because it dispenses with custom screen printed panels, jacks, knobs – leaving you with the essential ‘guts’ of a modular: a circuit board.

We tested it out as part of a review for the Synthtopia site.”

Video published by Synthtopia.

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If you like the old retro Palm stuff …

Then you might want to try reading Palmorama as well as Palm Sounds. It might appeal to you retro sense. Give it a go

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Video: Där ön slutar – Live performance

Video description:

“Där ön slutar is Swedish and means where the island ends. A live performance with me singing through Virsyn Harmony Voice and playing live on Propellerheads Figure!”

Video published by Jakob Haq

Figure on the app store:

iVoxel on the app store:

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