Video: Auxy iOS – Chilled Hip Hop (shows just what you can do with Auxy)

Auxy for iPad on the app store:

Auxy for iPhone on the app store:

Video: Mastering App “Single Pass Mastering Challenge” #1

Video description:

“SCS Mastering App “Single Pass Mastering Challenge” in 5 minutes. Is it possible? Well I thought I would give it a go…..”

Video published by EIPStudiosOhio.

Did you know about the RandomBus?

I have posted about this before, but in case you didn’t know about RandomBus, here’s a little reminder for my twitterBot that randomly tweets set ups for Audiobus. You can find it on twitter at @RandomBus!

For a little more information you can check out the page dedicated to it above. Also, if you have any suggestions for apps missing from @RandomBus then I’d love to know.

Video: Audulus – Gulf of Bonkin’ Feedback Synthesizer Module

Video description:

“This patch can be downloaded at the Audulus forum for free here:­rsors-on-the-same-sequence#Item_1

Video published by Bimini Road.

Audulus on the app store:

Video: 8 Apps changed the way I make music – haQ attaQ 129

Video description:

“8 apps that changed the way I make and think about music!

Video published by Jakob Haq.

I think it’s a really interesting list from Jakob. And also very interesting to think about the apps that changed how he thinks about music. It set me thinking about whether or not there are apps that changed the way I think about music, or if there are apps that just fitted into how I needed to make music. There’s a difference really. It’s a theme that I think is worth exploring in a bit more detail.

Video: Electribe 013 Processing nanoloop

Video description:

“The source is nanoloop on my Nexus playing a simple pattern.
It’s going into the Electribes Audio-In.
All 16 parts use the OSC-Type Audio-In and a bandpass filter which is modulated by the RANDOM modulation source.
(setup this way you can use the Korg Electribe 2 as somekind of filterbank,
which is really fun)
Finally some heavy reverb.”

Video published by Computing.Sound.

Like PalmSounds? Then you should ‘Like’ PalmSounds

If you didn’t already know, PalmSounds is on Facebook. If you’ve already liked our page then thanks very much. If not, maybe you fancy giving us a like on Facebook, that would be very nice.

You can find the PalmSounds facebook page here.

If you’re in Bradford this weekend then do this!


If you’ve seen any of my previous posts about the School of Noise you’ll know that I think that the work they’re doing is really important. So, if you’re in the Bradford area this weekend you could visit them and much more besides at the National Media Museum.

From what I know of what’s going on it should be pretty amazing actually and well worth attending.

You can find all the details here, and the School of Noise page and site too. Let me know if you make it to the weekend.

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