So this looks like a pretty amazing tool for creating pretty much anything with loops. I’m thinking it might be great for some interesting soundscapes actually. Here’s the details of the app …

c3n loops is a remix instrument for DJs and producers. Navigate an infinite space to play loops and create compositions on the fly. You can improvise or prepare grooves for a performance. A radically different user interface leads to unexpected compositions and creative improvisations. Sync hardware and apps to c3n loops via MIDI sync. c3n loops also supports AudioBus.


  • 57 high quality loops to get you started.
  • Interface optimised for iPad pro resolution.
  • Loops of different tempos are automatically adjusted to play in sync.
  • Number of loops in the space is limited only by the device flash memory capacity.
  • Import your own loops.
  • Shape the loop sound with resonant filters.
  • 128 Concurrent stereo streams (64 on the iPad 2)
  • Support for multiple audio formats such as, wav, aif, caf, mp3, m4a.
  • Video tutorial included.

c3n loops adds a new dimension of expressiveness to your live performance!

c3n loops costs $8.99 on the app store now:

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