Video: Introducing Skram…

Video description:

“Skram has everything you need to make electronic music on your iPad and quickly get great sounding results. Create killer sounds, riffs and grooves. Record the result.”

Video published by Skram App.

Skram on the app store:

Video: Blocs Wave by Novation – haQ attaQ 130

Video description:

“In this tutorial/let’s play I am going through the functions. I am also demonstrating how to import your own loops/samples and categorize them for the loop-library.”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Blocs Wave on the app store:

Skram has arrived from Liine


What a day for new apps! So here’s Skram from Liine …

Skram is the result of years developing music tech for pro musicians while immersed in Berlin’s music microcosm where artists, tech providers, club owners and fans rub shoulders every weekend.

“We realised there was a need for an accessible platform, something to enable fans to make the music they like without feeling patronised” says Liine’s CEO Gareth Williams.

“We felt that we could build something that inspires existing musicians too, for whom simplicity stimulates creativity, freedom and fun.”

Liine’s approach is inspired by the custom setups used by experienced electronic musicians to streamline their music production and performance. The best of these setups are simple, often hiding complexity below the surface, and give artists their unique voice.

Skram promises to deliver a wide range of simple Devices and Widgets to allow people to explore different musical styles, irrespective of experience. While other apps focus on solutions for “UI problems”, they still require users to have fully formed musical ideas. Liine, however, have their sights set on solving “musical problems”. Different Widgets can help people compose in different genres, for example.

Skram has everything you need to make electronic music on your iPad and quickly get great sounding results. Create killer sounds, riffs and grooves. Record the result.



Four expressive synth and drums Devices are included. We’re going to be creating more of these, lots more – covering a wide-range of styles and genres. You’ll be able to build your own personalized collection that matches your tastes. We promise you’ll be getting more for free too.


Skram contains three Widgets which allow you to create different kinds of musical patterns, and you’ll soon be able to get your hands on more. Some are inspired by real music machines, others are completely fresh for the world of software. They’re all simple, playful and inspiring.


Skram has the features you need to manipulate the whole performance. You can adjust levels, alter the speed of your music and carry out stunning key changes (with no need to know a single bit of music theory). Naturally, it’s easy to record your music and send it to a friend.

Many more new features will be rolled out this year too. Our Content Library will have great patterns you can use straight out of the box, or tweak to make your own. Gesture Automation will add life to your grooves, playing back your finger movements in realtime. Snapshots will let you store and recall those special musical moments without stopping the flow. The synthesis and sampling engine is going to expand, allowing for a wider range of sound textures and musical genres.


Requires iOS 9.0 or higher.


Skram is made by a team of experts and artists connected to Berlin – the world capital of electronic music. Our other product, Lemur, is a professional music tool used on stage by the likes of Bjork, Daft Punk and Deadmau5. Our vision for Skram is to supply the freshest, most complete and totally accessible tool for playing with music. Use it for making tracks, performing a live jam, jotting down ideas, experimenting or just plain having fun.

Skram is on the app store now and costs $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99

New from Novation … Blocs Wave – Make & Record Music


So that was unexpected wasn’t it! A new app arrives from Novation. Here are all the details.

Blocs Wave is a music creation app designed to inspire new musical ideas. Easily combine original professional sounds across a wide array of genres. Tweak your sounds using beautiful touchable waveforms, and make your ideas even more unique. Record your vocals and instruments, and bring your ideas to life within minutes.

Get it now at a special introductory price!


  • Start new music – Quickly tap sounds to combine and make new original musical ideas.
  • Make every sound unique – Tweak sounds using beautiful touchable waveforms.
  • Record new sounds – Effortlessly capture your own sounds, vocals and instruments.
  • Explore and combine your sounds from a huge library – Explore amazing sounds across genres from EDM to dubstep, indie to songwriting and tons more.
  • Expand your collection – Download even more sounds from an ever expanding pro library

Advanced Features

  • Real-time stretch – Change bpm while playing, and blocs will adapt.
  • Record with Low-Latency
  • Export & Import – Bring in your own sounds from other apps, or export to them.
  • Key aware – All library sounds are ‘key aware’ and can stay in-key.
  • Works well with others – Audiobus, AudioCopy, AudioShare, and hardware input and outputs supported.

Compatible with iPad 2, iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Pro

Supports iOS 8 and iOS 9.

Blocs Wave costs $4.99 (£3.99) on the app store (introductory price):

Video: preview upcoming version zMors modular for iPad with 5 new modules

Video description:

  • new Audio Units
  • new Equalizer
  • new Sample & Hold
  • new Quantizer
  • new Gate/CV to Midi
    Midi Sequencer gets reset Input port for Ableton Link sync

Video published by sven braun.

zMors Modular on the app store:

NaviChord Lite has arrived


Navichord is a musical instrument and a songwriting tool. Play rich sounding chord progressions easily on the harmonic grid. Play along on the classic piano keyboard below. Save chord progressions to pads and recall anytime. Every key and pad is a configurable XY MIDI controller (full version).


  • No Audiobus and Audiobus Remote
  • No Inter-App Audio
  • No MIDI
  • Limited user preset slots


  • Play simple chords (minor, major) with one finger from any root
  • Play complex chords (sevenths, ninths) with just two or three fingers from any root
  • Play 28 musical scales from any key
  • Compose easily with Roman numeral chord names
  • Use the same chord shape for any root
  • Discover interesting chord progressions
  • Find chords matching a melody
  • Find a melody matching chords
  • Learn chord structure from the piano keyboard and play along
  • Quick save discovered chords to chord pads
  • Save chord progressions
  • Find chords matching selected scale

Audiobus and Inter App Audio (full version):

  • Record to GarageBand, Loopy, Beatmaker 2 and many more

MIDI support (full version):

  • Connect to soft synths via virtual MIDI (Animoog, Thumbjam, Magellan, Sampletank and many more)
  • Connect to hardware synths and external keyboards
  • Send MIDI control messages from keys and pads

NaviChord Lite on the app store:

apeDelay 1.2 brings Link and so much more

This is a massive release for apeDelay. Here’s everything that’s new in version 1.2:

  • Ableton Link in integration, find out more about Link at
  • New SYNC for LFO and Sequencer
  • New Input Spectroscope view
  • New Noise Gate parameter
  • New exp/log scale for “Multi-Slider”
  • Freeze now is working with Decimator/Granulate/Noise Gate and Blur
  • New Frequency range selection for stereo Delay Pads
  • New iCloud Drive and Document Picker for Presets and Files
  • MIDI Clock improved
  • Improved Toggle Interaction
  • Audiobus latest SDK update
  • Midibus latest SDK update
  • Bluetooth Audio IO support
  • Bluetooth MIDI LE Support
  • Added Preset Manager ‘Open In…’ Support
  • Added Preset Manager ‘Sends the audio files used from the Bank’
  • Added File Manager ‘Send E-Mail’ Support
  • Audio Engine Optimisation

Video: Liptikl 2 – Cut-up Writer for Creative Writing Ideas

Video description:

“Write song or rap lyrics, poetry, stories etc? Creative writing app Liptikl can quickly bring you fresh ideas to explore.

The cut-up technique is a powerful process for stimulating creative writing. It can help a writer come up with novel text ideas for lyrics, poetry, haikus, stories etc.

This quick intro video is not meant to show a finished work, but instead takes you through creating a new cut-up file from scratch and then through a few of the things Liptikl can do.

The live background music was captured at the same time as the video. For those that want to hear the music live, the Wotja Music URL is here:

The video shows how to:

  • Create a new cut-up file, starting in the Files screen
  • Paste in a Source (you can have up to 5)
  • Create a cut-up
  • Use the Word Library and Liptikl Word Bank
  • Lock words
  • Use Alternative words
  • Tap outside cut-up to refresh Alternative words
  • Select a Rule and make a Rule
  • Save a cut-up
  • View saved cut-ups and re-edit a saved cut-up
  • Share!”

Video published by Intermorphic.

Liptikl on the app store:

Polyplayground 3.3 arrives

Polyplayground gets updated to version 3.3. Here’s what’s new:

  • New Modwheel Mode
  • New Sampler based Audio Engine with Rhodes Sound
  • Improved Automatic Triads Algorithm
  • Help file link to Videos
  • Fixed Bug where Swipe mode won’t work with Y-Velocity Enabled

Polyplayground on the app store:

EGDR909 – 909 Drum Machine adds Link and more

EGDR909 – 909 Drum Machine has added Ableton’s Link technology in the latest update, plus more. Here’s what’s in the newest version:

  • Quick Edit mode – create your pattern easily and quickly with this new mode
  • Ableton Link support

Also the ‘lite‘ version has also been updated with Link as well.

Also check the apps supporting Link page for more apps that have Ableton’s Link technology.

EGDR909 – 909 Drum Machine on the app store:

EGDR909 – 909 Drum Machine Lite on the app store:

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