DrumJam 1.3.3 brings Link and much more

DrumJam was already brilliant. In version 1.3.3 it just got even better! Here’s what’s in the latest version:

  • Added Ableton Link integration. Ableton Link is a new technology that synchronizes beat, phase and tempo of Link-enabled iOS apps and Ableton Live over a wireless network.
  • Added Audiobus Remote triggers, updated to latest SDK
  • Added Bluetooth LE MIDI support
  • Added 3D touch support for iPhone 6S/6S+, usable for velocity or repeat rate control on pads
  • Fixed various Inter-app audio lifecycle issues, avoids being a zombie
  • Fixed stuck auto-repeat via midi input
  • Fixed issue where loop vol/pan didn’t change when set via CC during pending change
  • Stop hits are not played if loop is muted and now respect pan/vol of loop
  • Other bug fixes

DrumJam on the app store:

Don’t forget to check out the list of apps supporting link page for more apps with Ableton’s Link technology.

Fugue Machine 1.2 arrives

This is a big update and there’s a lot in it. Here’s everything:


You can now independently route each playhead to any MIDI Channel, allowing the playheads to control separate apps or MIDI devices. Go to Settings > Midi Output Settings > Output Channels for more info.

Thanks to a complete rewrite of the sequencer code (I obsessed over this for far too long), Fugue Machine is now about 4 times faster and MIDI timing is now as tight as computationally possible. Very proud of this :]

You can now (optionally) send MIDI Program Changes to the MIDI Destination when you change patterns. When enabled, there will be a “PC” button next to each pattern in the PATTERNS Menu. When you press this button, the pattern will change and a Program Change Message will be sent to the MIDI Destination. Go to Settings > MIDI Output Settings > Send Program Changes.

When Ableton Link is enabled, you now have millisecond control over phase offset — allowing you to compensate for potential audio and midi latency introduced by your setup. Go to Settings > Ableton Link Settings > Offset for more info.

I’ve added another album to the Music section! It only has one recording at the moment — a live set I performed with Fugue Machine and Patterning controlling a bunch of hardware synthesizers — but more will be added soon.


If you loaded a pattern while editing a note on the piano roll (yes, a corner case’s corner case), you’d find yourself controlling the loaded patterns selected notes. This was weird, and doesn’t happen anymore.

Fugue Machine would hang when being launched from an Inter-App Audio host, requiring you to open it before adding it to your IAA session. Fixed now :]


This version may not seem like a huge update, but it’s actually the result of 2 months of full time work! Long story short, I completely rewrote the sequencer engine… ahhh!

This was necessary for a couple reasons. First, my conscience. I can now sleep better knowing how clean the code is. Second, and more importantly, this update paves the way for some super cool updates I plan to work on in the near future :]

Anyway, thanks so much for your continued interest and support, and please reach out if anything comes up.

Fugue Machine 1.2 on the app store:

Video: Figure v 2.1.1 New Sounds – FigureAddiction 9

Video description:

“Figure v 2.1.1 update! And with it comes new sounds!

Jakob Haq profile at Allihoopa

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Figure on the app store:

Some music from me, made with a PO-12

I made the beat with the Teennage Engineering PO-12, but then brought it into AUM and used AudioReverb, frekvens, and Reverb Delay Feedback Network to mangle it a bit.

It’s only short, but I hope you like it.

DRC – Polyphonic Synthesizer (universal) arrives


DRC – Polyphonic Synthesizer is a new, free, universal synth app from the makers of LK, the Ableton controller app. It looks pretty good too. Here’s the details …

DRC is powerful virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer that recreates the characteristic sound of an analog synthesizer proving a minimal but powerful set of parameters, for limited but incredible sonic capabilities.

With the cloud preset sync technology, DRC enables you to sync patches across devices effortlessly. With this powerful feature, you to start the creative process on one device and continue on another, seamlessly.


  • 4 voices
  • Two main oscillators, one sub-oscillator and one noise source
  • Detune, sync and ring modulation
  • 4 pole self resonant low pass Ladder Filter
  • 2 pole multi-mode filter (LP, HP, BD, NOTCH)
  • 2 LFO’s and 2 analog modeled envelope generators
  • Stereo Tape Delay with time modulation
  • Lush Stereo Reverb with modulation and self growing decay
  • True stereo, analog modeled multi mode chorus
  • Arpeggiator with 4 modes, tempo sync and hold function
  • Sync to external MIDI clock
  • MIDI clock out
  • Audiobus and Ableton Link ready (iOS only)

For detailed operation information and requirements please visit www.imaginando.pt/products/drc

DRC – Polyphonic Synthesizer on the app store:

Video: KORG Volca FM full parameter editing?! – haQ VLog 70

Video description:

“After reading through the specification at the Volca FM product page, I had to make a vlog. I’m going bananas!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Video: Elastic Drums Update 1.7.3 improvements

I posted the details of the version 1.7.3 yesterday, but here’s a nice video of it too.

Video description:

“Update 1.7.3 brings the following improvements:

  • Instr screen: Toggle several buttons with one pan gesture (Video)
  • Long tap record button deletes all steps at once (Video)
  • 2 new mono effects: Phaser, Inverted Filter
  • 2 new stereo effects: PingPong, Reversed Pitch
  • Graphic performance improvements (GUI less laggy) especially in Inst screen”

Video published by Oliver Greschke.

Elastic Drums on the app store:

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