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You may have noticed that PalmSounds is now on Instagram

I thought it might be good for PalmSounds to have its own Instagram account rather than just me posting the occasional mobile music type thing on my account in amongst all the other pictures I personally post on Instagram.

So now you’ll find 100% mobile music stuff on the PalmSounds Instagram account. You can find me here.

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I haven’t had a ‘SoundCloud Saturday’ in a while now

You might have noticed this. In fact, the last one may have been last year! So I thought I’d try and start this up again. But this time I’d do it on twitter rather than here. So if you see lots of tracks, maybe yours too, appearing on twitter, then you know I’m listening.

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Looks like the final call for iSpark at launch price

Arturia have given a final called on their iSpark app (although that was nearly a day ago) so if you want to get it before it goes back up then grab iSpark at its launch price of $9.99 (£7.99) before it goes. I’ve just checked and it’s still at the launch price but that could change any time.

I’ve also checked Cubasis and it is is still half price at $24.99 (£18.99) but may go back to its normal price any day now. It could be today for all I know.

Also Viking Synth (Audio Unit synth from Blamsoft) is still at its launch price of $4.99 (£3.99).

Finally if you’re interested you might also want to check out the app sales page for a few other deals at the moment.

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Another reminder … that Audio Units page

Really this is just in case you haven’t checked out this page as yet or as a reminder if you haven’t checked it in a while. The page has all of the current Audio Unit based apps on iOS. Please let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed or got wrong. Feedback is always welcome!

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Please check out the School of Noise page

I posted a few times about the School of Noise, and now they’ve got their own permanent page on the site too. You can find the page here, it’s just under the about page.

You’ll probably be hearing a lot about the School of Noise over the coming weeks, mainly because they’re really awesome and do amazing things in teaching kids about sound and experimentation with music.

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Check out that Link page

Whilst there haven’t been hordes of new apps coming to Ableton’s Link technology (and I just don’t know why really) I have kept the page updated with apps that support Ableton’s Link.

I thought you’d want to know, especially if you haven’t been there for a while now.

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Go on, give us a like

Hey, did you know that PalmSounds is on Facebook? So if you fancy giving us a like on Facebook then that would be nice. You can find the PalmSounds facebook page here.

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Wait list updated

Another bit of a tidy up on the wait list this morning. As always, if there’s anything else that you think should be on there, just let me know.

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A little reminder about RandomBus

I have posted about this before, but in case you didn’t know about RandomBus, here’s a little reminder for my twitterBot that randomly tweets set ups for Audiobus. You can find it on twitter at @RandomBus!

For a little more information you can check out the page dedicated to it above.

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Back in 2008: We started to see the DS10 emerge

It’s amazing to think back to a time when the DS10 wasn’t around, but back in 2008 we started to see this amazing piece of software arrive for the DS.

The original post is here.

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