Video: Audulus CS Looper Module

Video description:

“This Audulus 3 module loops knob motions. In this set up, it is acting as a knob-controlled sequencer, turning recorded knob motions into 8 discrete pitches. CS stands for “Control Signal.” This is to distinguish it from an AS or Audio/Alternating Signal looper (which would need 44.1k buckets for 1 second of loop time).

This module has 8 buckets, or 8 evenly distributed numbers that make up the entirety of the loop. An LFO controls which step is being read. Values are changed only when a change in value is detected from the knob. Under the “8 Bucket” text is a knob that acts as a “loop display.”

The output of this module is multiplied and pushed through a scale quantizer to become the pitch information for Sub Ek, a mini subtractive synthesizer, that is clocked by CL!K.

Versions with more buckets are coming soon.”

Video published by Bimini Road.

Audulus on the app store:

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