Video: Mixtikl 7 – Live mixing with generative music & loops

Video description:

Mixtikl is a deep app and there is a lot to it. This video shows some of the techniques that can be used to live build a mix with a lovely feel.

Before starting, a random mix was made and a couple of FX added, but this is about how you can use the depth in Mixtikl to go on from there to create something custom.

The video also shows how the simple custom pattern voice with bass sound that was created can be exported to clipboard and then imported as a Wotja Custom Player. For those that want to hear it live, the Wotja Music URL is here:

The 4 generative content cells in the mix were subsequently exported to clipboard, imported into Noatikl and merged to create a single piece. This was then exported to clipboard and imported into Wotja and then tweeted as a Wotja Music URL:

Some of the techniques used:

  • Adding a pattern and editing it
  • Using and editing a sound preset (DSynth for a nice soft bass)
  • Adding 2 loops (horn sounds from the free to download Tiklpaks)
  • Tap play and dragging to change pitch of note
  • Changing a visualiser setting
  • Making and previewing a live recording and setting the recording length
  • Exporting generative content from a cell to clipboard
  • Importing that into Wotja as a Custom Backing and then tweeting!

The above only just scratches the surface of what could be shown….”

Video published by Intermorphic.

Mixtikl on the app store:

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