Video: Noatikl 3 – Modifying and mixing a Noatikl piece

Video description:

“This piece is quite a complex piece that use a number of techniques to create the arpeggiation, chording and also sounds. The piece has been provided as a Wotja Music URL for those that want to hear it live. For those who want to see how it is all done, and maybe even remix it, then from Wotja, export the Custom Backing and import into Noatikl 3! Wotja Music URL:

Some of the techniques used:

  • Voice of Fixed Pattern “Rhythm” type with chording
  • Following that voice with other voices and follow delays to create an arpeggiation
  • Global Delay FX for additional depth
  • Changing MIDI line for a voice, so as to use a different PSE Sound Network
  • DSynth network configuration and parameter changing for a melodic percussive sound
  • Drift for automatic mixing

The above only just scratches the surface….”

Video published by Intermorphic.

Noatikl on the app store:

Wotja on the app store:

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