Video: Patterning and frekvens jam (from me)

Video description:

“I really wanted to show just how amazing frekvens is at creating amazing sound effects. So I made a little video with Patterning and frekvens via Audiobus. It’s just me jamming around with the parameters in frekvens whilst Patterning does it’s thing!

Hope you like it.”

Video published by me (Ashley, PalmSounds).

Patterning on the app store:

frekvens on the app store:

Video: AUM for iOS: parallel compression, saturation and reverb

AUM on the app store:

iVCS3 1.6 arrives

iVCS3 1.6 brings some updates and tweaks:

  • Ableton Link SDK update
  • Link/Audiobus Stability improved
  • MIDI assignations image bug fixed
  • MIDI Toggles bugs fixed
  • Inter-App Audio play MIDI Fixed
  • New setting for Switches follow the Natural Touch VS Toggle
  • Improved the Built-in Presets (Thanks to lala)

London Music Hack Space workshops for Arduino Day 2016

If you’re going to be in London for Arduino Day this year then you should take a look at this event from the London Music Hackspace and see if you can get along. I bet it’ll be great.

Video: Intro to Modstep

Video description:

“Jakob Haq gives a quick overview of what you can do with modstep.”

Video published by MODSTEP.

Modstep on the app store:

Some new music from me: Drab Grey

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