Why no more apps integrating Link?

The number of apps adding Ableton’s Link seems to have slowed by my reckoning. There was an initial surge and then a few but none for a little while now, so, why?

Which apps would you like to see with Link?

And don’t forget to check the ‘apps supporting Link‘ page for which apps already have Link.


  1. When I have asked developers if they will be integrating Link most reply with “why? It is already in AudioBus…?”. I think this might be about communication (and thereby understanding) than anything, as the reason I would like them to integrate Link is to be able to sync LFO/CC’s and all kinds of things, not just having an app start at the same beat as another.


    1. Good thoughts. Thanks for the comment. I guess we have to keep plugging away at people to integrate it.

      Strangely I was with Ableton this morning and talking about just the same thing!


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