Video: moodscaper for iOS demo #9 (loopers x 2 and revised UI)

So this is a ‘coming soon’ I guess …

Video description:

“I’ve added an additional looper and revised the UI.

A big part of what moodscaper is all about is its semi-generative randomness and not repeating itself too much, even though that’s exactly what loops tend to do! For this reason, I’ve deliberately chosen not to sync the two loops. There are plenty iOS apps that do that already anyway.

In this demo, the first loop is in the upper range, then I create a bass part loop. Once the two loops are running, I simply turn “auto” mode on and off for the other voices to add a bit of interest.

Note that contrary to previous demos, I’ve decided *not* to record the auto switching as loop events. It just got really confusing and I want to keep this version of the app super simple.

I think the next big update will be additional “moods” – basically sounds and styles.”

Video published by Crème Douche.

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