Gemma, Pd, and making things

I’ve been meaning to post this update to Gemma for a few days, but then I got to thinking about it and about what it means so I’ve held off for a while. When I first heard about Gemma I was quite intrigued by the idea of it, but I didn’t really get it. When I saw the latest release it started to fit into place though. So what’s in the latest release? I’ll tell you.

  • Overall Improvements
  • Minor bug fixes
  • GemmaLib launch (for developers)

And this GemmaLib intrigued me, so I headed over to the Gemma site, clicked on the link for ‘developers‘ and watched this video.

Which was to say the least very impressive. So now we have a number of different options available for anyone who wants to use Pd. We have Gemma, we have MobMuPlat, and of course if you’re interested in developing a full app you can take a look into libPd.

It’s all starting to make a lot of sense right? But all with Pd at the core. What’s more, if you’re a zMors Modular user you can use Pd patches there too. So is it really worth it to learn Pd? Could be that now’s the right time.


  1. I love PD! I love MobMuPlat too! I learned PD when I took a robotics and physical computing class. (Which was actually an art class at my undergrad level so it was pretty project specific learning) I remember saying to my professor that I was hoping to use MobMuPlat and possibly working with LightBlue and their bean platform… And he said it wasn’t practical to use your phone!
    HA! This was within the last year…. It blew me away that technology was moving so fast that a successful artist and professor was skeptical.

    …so I used my bare conductive touch board as a midi controller with both my laptop (running PD) and my phone (running nanostudio) to make an interactive sculpture….Yeah, technology is cool.


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