Figure updated to 2.1 and what is Allihoopa?

We all know and love Figure, and even though it is now free Propellerheads are still updating it. In version 2.1 this happened …

Figure is now part of Allihoopa! Connect with people and ideas that move you. Find inspiration to create.
Check out the new Allihoopa home to find music to remix and add your touch.

We hope you’ll like it!
– The Propellerhead & Allihoopa Team”

So what is Allihoopa? It looks kind of cool and like it could be very useful for collaboration too. If you want to know more about it there’s a post on the Propellerhead site.

Figure on the app store:

Allihoopa site:

4 thoughts on “Figure updated to 2.1 and what is Allihoopa?”

    1. Yeah. I know what you mean. I think they’ve been busy with this Allihoopa thing. Also, none of the ‘big’ companies have integrated Link as yet, and I’m not sure they will. I’d like them to of course!


  1. There is a second class of tools, Toggleable Tools , this are almost the same as our basic tools, just that belong to a group, and are mutually exclusive inside that group. For tools derived from


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