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So it’s been a while since the news that SoundCloud was in trouble, or, to be more precise, it’s been a while since the latest piece of news. As a result, lots of people have been thinking about what they might have to do in the event that SoundCloud did disappear. So I thought it might worthwhile to give you a list of the alternatives, some of which you’ll know, some you might not.

  1. Bandcamp: This is probably the best alternative of all, but it does lack things like groups and playlists etc, but even so, it’s a good solid alternative. However, not good for DJ’s as it is only for original content.
  2. Mixcrate and Mixcloud: Great for DJ’s for mixes and playlists.
  3. Audioboo: Probably a little off the wall, maybe one you wouldn’t expect, but it’s an interesting one. Possibly more suited to spoken word and podcasts, but that may work for some people.
  4. YouTube: The biggest streaming audio channel in the world, but again, not for everyone.
  5. Yungcloud: One that I’ve only recently become aware of, but seems to be a SoundCloud pretender.
  6. The minute you visit this site you’ll be impressed by just how much it looks like SoundCloud! It appears to be in beta now, but looks very useful.
  7. Tumblr: Maybe not quite where you’d think of as a place to put your music, but Tumblr does promote music and listening, so it’s worth a thought.
  8. MySpace: You probably think I’m joking now, but MySpace used to be the place to have your music. Maybe it will be again one day?

If we’re honest, there’s nothing that completely comes close to SoundCloud. The one massive problem that iOS users will have is that so many iOS apps integrate the SoundCloud API, and none of the other services have that kind of integration available as yet. Also, it’ll take time for apps to move over, and if developers do move to a new sharing platform, will it be the same one?

In my view either SoundCloud will find a way to get itself out of its current problems, or it’ll get bought. Getting bought might not be good for anyone, and might actually be worse than it going under completely.

Only time will tell what actually will happen with SoundCloud. Personally I hope that they do stay in business.

Video: Fluxpad intro by Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars)

Video description:

“Fluxpad is a new app on MoMinstruments, that just entered beta test phase. It’s developed by Mouse on Mars’ Andi Toma & Jan St. Werner and sqrt-developer Jan T V Falkenstein. In Fluxpad you “paint“ in your music, which leads to completely different results, when compared to traditional sequencer.
More info:

Video published by mouse on mars youtube official.

Figure updated to 2.1 and what is Allihoopa?

We all know and love Figure, and even though it is now free Propellerheads are still updating it. In version 2.1 this happened …

Figure is now part of Allihoopa! Connect with people and ideas that move you. Find inspiration to create.
Check out the new Allihoopa home to find music to remix and add your touch.

We hope you’ll like it!
– The Propellerhead & Allihoopa Team”

So what is Allihoopa? It looks kind of cool and like it could be very useful for collaboration too. If you want to know more about it there’s a post on the Propellerhead site.

Figure on the app store:

Allihoopa site:

Video: Novation // Circuit // on Tabletop

Video description:

“Novation has created a new formidable product called Circuit.

I haven’t got it, so I recreate the circuit spot on Tabletop app on my iPad Air 2!”

Video published by Matteo Cozza.

Tabletop on the app store:

Video: Arturia iSpark First Look

Video description:

“Arturia has launched an iOS edition of its drum machine software Spark 2, which can still utilise the Spark LE hardware or run on iOS alone.”

Video published by Music Radar.

Arturia iSpark on the app store:

AUM is coming on the 24th!

The Kymatica site has been updated showing that AUM is coming on the 24th of this month, in just 2 days time! This is a truly amazing app and is going to be huge!

I’ve also updated the wait list accordingly.

Everest : Audio Looper 1.1

Everest : Audio Looper 1.1 brings loads of new things …

New features:

  • Added support for multi-tasking. Everest can now run/open next to another app (only on devices that support multi-tasking).
  • New dedicated buttons for Rewind, Restart, and Pause.
  • Added selectable button configurations. Cycle through different sets and orders of buttons. Now smaller devices can get access to more buttons/controls during a performance.
  • Added Feedback and Quadraphonic panning controls. Use the new optional control switch in settings menu to display the two new controls on the main screen.
    • The new feedback knob controls the amount of signal regeneration on each loop iteration. Lower the feedback value and leave overdub on for delay-type effects.
    • The new quadraphonic panning control allows you to set the Left/Right pan position of each loop across two different output buses.
      General Improvements:
  • Improved audio quality of loop windowing and various functions (erase, restart, etc.) Now there are no audio pops or clicks when A) scrubbing through a loop, B) quickly changing the loop window/lengths, or C) pausing/erasing/undoing loops.
  • New cleaner volume slider.
  • New simpler global control buttons with a further simplified layout.
    Minor Fixes/Updates:
  • Resolved issue where some devices, by default, would not allow headphone jack output channels to be used in addition to a device connected to the lightning/dock connector.
  • Updated to latest version of Audiobus API.
  • Moved help menu access to the bottom of the Settings page/screen.

Everest : Audio Looper on the app store:

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