Audio Fix: For Videos


Slightly off topic, but from the developer of MicSwap Pro, and as a result I thought I’d post about it.

Here’s what you need to know about Audio Fix: For Videos:

A simple app that improves the audio of your videos. Import a video from your device to instantly clean it’s sound and boost it’s volume. Only want to raise the volume? No problem. You have 11 noise reduction filters to choose from along with a volume adjustment.

We never overwrite your original. Save as a new video in the same resolution. You can also use Audio Fix to reduce the file size of your video for easier sharing with our compress video option. Use Audio Fix to remove all sound from your video. Lots of options!

Download now to get one free trial!

  • Automatically optimize the audio in your video
  • Choose from 11 filters to clean your audio
  • Save as new or compress for sharing
  • Easily compare to your original video in the app
  • We never overwrite your original

Filter Choices

  • Mild Wind Removal
  • Hard Wind Removal
  • Mild Hiss Removal
  • Strong Hiss Removal
  • Audio Fix Mild
  • Audio Fix Medium
  • Audio Fix Strong
  • Audio Fix Ultra
  • Silence
  • Audio Smoother
  • Volume Booster

Universal App – Buy on iPhone, own it on iPad too

iOS 8.0 or later iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6s iPod touch, iPad, iPad air, iPad mini, iPad Pro

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