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Videos: Wotja, Customising a Noatikl Player, Creating & using Noatikl Custom Backing

Video description:

“Shows how to export a player from Wotja, import it into Noatikl 3, add some delay, lfo modulate it and then export from Noatikl and back into Wotja. Voila! Wotja then plays its melody through a custom Noatikl player and you can export this wotja. With this method you can then use Wotja as a generative music publishing system!”

Video description:

“This video shows how to create a custom Noatikl piece (in Noatikl 3 for iOS) starting from a template illustrating a number of techniques; then to export to clipboard and import into Wotja as a custom Backing; then how to tweet that wotja which can deploy a Wotja Player or not, as required. Finally it shows how that tweeted wotja can be played in Wotja FREE.”

Videos published by Intermorphic.

Wotja on the app store:

Noatikl on the app store:

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SynthMaster Player adds link and more

SynthMaster Player gets an update to version 1.1.3 and adds support for Link and more. Here’s what’s in this update:

  • compiled with the latest Audiobus SDK
  • added Ableton Link support
  • added Bluetooth Midi support
  • fixed a bug that prevented purchasing Factory Presets (pro upgrade)
  • fixed crash when used with Auria DAW
  • fixed Midi tempo sync issue

Don’t forget to check the ‘Apps supporting Link‘ page for more apps that support Ableton’s Link technology.

SynthMaster Player on the app store:

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Buttercup Bitcrush brings Audio Unit support in version 1.1

Buttercup Bitcrush gets updated to version 1.1 and brings us:

  • DSP improvements.
  • Native presets
  • Audio Unit support

Buttercup Bitcrush on the app store:

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Video: Version 1.5 — iMPC Pro Log

Video description:

“New free update– iMPC Pro version 1.5 coming soon!

Our newest update, version 1.5, focuses on bug fixes and improvements to stability and performance since iOS 9 with some awesome bonus features. Here’s what you can expect:

– MIDI Learn so you can map your controller more easily.
– Slice Loop Auto mode, which automatically detects all transient markers.
– Improvements to MPC Desktop Export. You can now export slice loops as patch phrases, among other things.
– Latest version of the Ableton Link SDK.
– Latest version of AudioCopy (3.2), which improves workflow.
– Bonus feature: Bit-Crusher in the pad effects, which has a digital distortion effect on your sounds, adding some crunch and fuzz.
– And our new Public Beta Program, which allows our users to participate in exclusive pre-release testing of iMPC Pro. We really want your feedback so contact us at support@retronyms.com if you’re interested in applying as a Beta Tester.

Don’t forget to look for more upcoming detailed videos on the features mentioned in this video!

iMPC Pro Log showcases the latest features from the freshest development build of iMPC Pro, the premiere beat production iPad app from Akai Professional and Retronyms.”

Video published by Retronyms.

iMPC Pro on the app store:

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ICYMI: Arturia’s iSpark is here

There’s always the possibility that you hadn’t heard about this as yet. Well Arturia have brought us Spark to the iPad, that is Mr NLog has to be precise! You can find all the app details for iSpark here, and a grand set of intro videos here.

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Video: AmpliTube MESA/Boogie for iOS – Overview – High-gain tone on your iPhone and iPad

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In case you missed it from yesterday, here’s RandomBus!

I posted this yesterday, but if you missed it, here it is again …

For a while now I’ve been thinking about making a little twitterBot that tweeted random set ups for Audiobus, and finally, I’ve got around to making it. It’s called @RandomBus! You can find the account’s twitter profile here.

All it does is randomly tweet Audiobus suggestions every hour, once an hour. It’s capable of about 20k different permutations, roughly speaking. Anyway, if you fancy following it, it’s here, if not, then don’t.

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Another reminder … that Audio Units page

A quick reminder about the page on Audio Units on iOS. Please let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed or got wrong. Feedback is always welcome! Really!

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Remember to visit the Link page

I thought I’d remind you to have a look at the  apps that support Ableton’s Link page as there’s been new apps added there during the week.

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Don’t miss out on KORG iDS-10 2.0 as it’s universal, and on sale

Another reminder about the other app sale Korg have with the new version of the iDS-10. In case you missed it, this is what’s new in iDS-10:

  • iPad support: Now goes universal app with support for iPhone and iPad
  • Audio Export: SoundCloud, AudioCopy, Dropbox and iTunes File Sharing support
  • PLUS mode that brings massive expansion (In-app purchase): double the number of synthesizers (from 2 to 4) and Voice Synths (from 1 to 2). Also, sound edit during song playback and a 12 track sequencer give you higher levels of music creation and performance
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

What’s more they’ve added a ‘Plus’ option to the app as an IAP.

The app as a whole is on sale, and down from $19.99 to $9.99 until the 23rd of Feb.

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