Video: scriptSONIC is coming to let you code your sound

Video description (well the description from the site anyway):

“scriptSONIC is a programmable musical instrument for the iPad. Use it to generate and control interactive musical patterns using simple JavaScript code. Make interactive rhythms; send and respond to MIDI messages; explore notes, chords and scales; manipulate samples and live sound input, and record the results. scriptSONIC combines the open-ended creative power of a programming language with the expressiveness of a touch-screen.”

Video published by Jonathan Mackenzie.

Worth also checking out the docs part of the site too.

I’ll be very keen to see how this pans out. It certainly looks like it’ll be a bit of a learning curve, but worth the journey.

Video: PO 20-series

Video description:

“introducing pocket operators PO 20-series by teenage engineering and cheap monday. PO-20 arcade, PO-24 office & PO-28 robot.
order here:
online manuals:

Video published by Teenage Engineering

Video: Takete – Using Session FX

Video description:

“How to apply and dynamically adjust session-wide audio and video FX.”

Video published by RefinedStochastic.

Video: Wotja – Reflective Music System (iPad)

Video description:

“Add text and Wotja creates beautiful, personal, live reflective music. It’s a chilled-out creativity system for fun, ideas, thinking, relaxation, sharing and peace.”

Video published by Intermorphic.

Wotja on the app store:

Takete adds Link

Takete’s latest update adds Ableton Link, plus fixing a few bugs too. I’ll update the Link page imminently.

Takete on the app store:

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