KORG Gadget 2.0 (universal) arrives for your iPhone (plus a sale)

And finally this morning, Korg have brought us Gadget for the iPhone ahead of schedule, and it’s a big update too, with something for just about everyone as far as I can tell.

  • iPad Pro support: Stunningly powerful music production
  • iPhone support: Make tracks wherever you are (iPhone 6 recommend)
  • Universal support: A single purchase provides support for iPad/iPhone/iPad Pro
  • iCloud synchronization: Keep up to date by sharing song data between devices
  • Insert effects: EQ and compressor added to each track of the mixer
  • Arpeggiator: Provided on all keyboard-type gadgets
  • Chord trigger: Provided on all polyphonic keyboard-type gadgets
  • Sequencer enhanced, with Undo/Redo function added
  • Sequencer enhanced, with zooming using pinch gesture added
  • Sequencer enhanced, with one-finger scroll mode (switching in the settings)
  • Numerous improvements made for enhanced ease of use. More details at http://support.korguser.net/

And as if that wasn’t enough, Korg have put the app on sale too. It’s down from its usual $39.99 to $19.99 until the 23rd of Feb.

4 thoughts on “KORG Gadget 2.0 (universal) arrives for your iPhone (plus a sale)”

  1. Awesome Update with loads of improvements! And what is the first user comment on their site? “Still no channelized midi support […]” Oh boy!


  2. Been having a rough week, in a new house, my kitchen is totally gutted haven’t been able to cook a meal in over a month, there is debris everywhere, had a plumbing problem last night that ended up costing a thousand bucks and an emergency phone call… This is EXACTLY the kind of news I needed this morning. Checking it out NOW!! Thanks for the update!!


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