Cubasis 1.9.8 includes Audio Units support and more

The latest version of Steinberg’s Cubasis now has support for Audio Units and more besides. Here’s what’s new:

  • Audio Unit support
  • MIDI over Bluetooth LE
  • 28 new MicroSonic instruments
  • Revamped effect interfaces
  • iCloud Drive, External Hard Drive & Wireless Flash Drive Support
  • Audiobus 2.3.1 SDK
  • AudioCopy 3.2 SDK

Plus it’s still at its low price of $24.99 (£18.99)

Cubasis on the app store:

Video: KORG Gadget Version 2.0 supports ALL iOS devices

Video description:

“The ultimate mobile instruments collection – the all-in-one music production studio.

KORG Gadget offers a collection of more than 20 different synthesizers and drum machines called “Gadgets “. These gadgets were designed to assist the user to produce powerful electronic music. The latest version features universal support not only for the iPad, but also for the iPad Pro and the iPhone. The painstaking attention that Korg has given its hardware instruments for more than fifty years has now taken shape as cutting-edge software in the KORG Gadget. It’s the ultimate all-in-one music production studio app.”

Video published by Korg.

Korg Gadget on the app store, on sale right now and down from $39.99 to $19.99 (£14.99):

The wait list page is now up

You can find it under the ‘App Stuff’ not page above. It only has a few things in it right now, but I’m sure you can suggest more stuff for it. So please do tell me what you’re waiting for and I’ll add it.

A bit of page reorganisation

Just a quick note to point out that I’m reorganising the pages to make room for a bit more stuff. So I’ve put the pages on Audio Units, App Sales, and Link apps under a top level page called ‘App Stuff’, as you can see above.

More stuff soon.

KORG Gadget 2.0 (universal) arrives for your iPhone (plus a sale)

And finally this morning, Korg have brought us Gadget for the iPhone ahead of schedule, and it’s a big update too, with something for just about everyone as far as I can tell.

  • iPad Pro support: Stunningly powerful music production
  • iPhone support: Make tracks wherever you are (iPhone 6 recommend)
  • Universal support: A single purchase provides support for iPad/iPhone/iPad Pro
  • iCloud synchronization: Keep up to date by sharing song data between devices
  • Insert effects: EQ and compressor added to each track of the mixer
  • Arpeggiator: Provided on all keyboard-type gadgets
  • Chord trigger: Provided on all polyphonic keyboard-type gadgets
  • Sequencer enhanced, with Undo/Redo function added
  • Sequencer enhanced, with zooming using pinch gesture added
  • Sequencer enhanced, with one-finger scroll mode (switching in the settings)
  • Numerous improvements made for enhanced ease of use. More details at

And as if that wasn’t enough, Korg have put the app on sale too. It’s down from its usual $39.99 to $19.99 until the 23rd of Feb.

KORG iDS-10 2.0 arrives, it’s universal, and on sale

Korg have done it again, version 2.0 of the iDS-10 brings lots of improvements that people have been asking for.

  • iPad support: Now goes universal app with support for iPhone and iPad
  • Audio Export: SoundCloud, AudioCopy, Dropbox and iTunes File Sharing support
  • PLUS mode that brings massive expansion (In-app purchase): double the number of synthesizers (from 2 to 4) and Voice Synths (from 1 to 2). Also, sound edit during song playback and a 12 track sequencer give you higher levels of music creation and performance
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

What’s more they’ve added a ‘Plus’ option to the app as an IAP.

Also, the app as a whole is on sale, and down from $19.99 to $9.99 until the 23rd of Feb.

KORG Module for iPad goes to version 2.0 and is on sale too

KORG takes their Module for iPad app up to version 2.0. Here’s what’s in the new version:

  • “TRITON Best Selection” is newly available in the Expansion Sound Library (In-app purchase)
  • Master tune – professional tuning range from 420 Hz to 460 Hz
  • Now supports Pitch Bend and Modulation control
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

And the app is on sale too, down from $39.99 to $19.99.

School of Noise page added

I posted a couple of times last week about the School of Noise, and now they’re going to have their own permanent page on the site too. You can find the page here, it’s just under the about page.

You’ll probably be hearing a lot about the School of Noise over the coming weeks, mainly because they’re really awesome.

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