Video: Let’s Play with Audulus 3 (Patch Design & Commentary)

Video description:

“Audulus 3 is a monstrous modular synth, but it can also be a lot of fun! In this video I attempt to show you how to make a complex patch using simple building blocks. It’s February Album Writing Month, so I’m making a patch that will write a whole album for me. If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon:

Video published by Tim Webb.

Audulus on the app store:


Lemur looking into Link …

Now getting Link into something like Lemur would be really useful …

Lemur on the app store:

Link page updated

Just to let you know that I’ve updated the page with apps that support Ableton’s Link technology as there’s a couple of new apps that I needed to put in there.

I thought you’d want to know, especially if you haven’t been there for a while now.

I missed this, but Dedalus now has Link

In version 1.3 Dedalus got:

  • Ableton Link in integration, find out more about Link at
  • New SYNC for LFO and Sequencer
  • New iCloud Drive and Document Picker for Presets and Files
  • MIDI Clock improved
  • Improved Toggle Interaction
  • Audiobus latest SDK update
  • Midibus 1.35
  • Bluetooth Audio IO support
  • Bluetooth MIDI LE Support
  • Added Preset Manager ‘Open In…’ Support
  • Added Preset Manager ‘Sends the audio files used from the Bank’
  • Added File Manager ‘Send E-Mail’ Support
  • Audio Engine Optimisation

Dedalus on the app store:

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